Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Glimmer of Hope

Dear Family!!!

HIYA! HOW YOU DOING?! I will answer Mom’s questions while they are still fresh in my head. My companion’s name right now is Elder ILAI (ELI). He is from Samoa and he has been out on his mission for 18 months. He left shortly after me in February. Elder Lamb did not move and he is actually flying solo as a zone leader as well... Sooo yeah, I had interviews with President Rudd and he let me know he had a lot of faith to put me here. Oops, also I meant there are 6 from the Wellington Mission, 3 from Tauranga came in (including me), and another elder... So yeah. Other news, I might already be losing Elder ILAI within 2 weeks. President explained that heaps of missionaries are going to need to train and it sure would be nice to have the zone leaders be companions with zone leaders but in the MTC the apostles and the First Presidency made it very clear that missions thrive off having good trainers. So he let me know I will be training next transfer which is in 2 weeks. SO that is kind of why a lot of zone leaders are starting to fly solo because a lot are going to be called to train as well! I AM GOING TO BE A DADDY AGAIN!!!!

So yeah, my email situation is lame. We are in a big library and the computers only get a half hour on them so we have to get off, wait in line, and use them again. There are only like 10 computers too so it is pretty frustrating... All good though.

Sorry to hear Ava is sick but it sounds like everything else is pretty peachy over there... It's crazy that summer break is almost over for you guys. It feels like it just started, but what do I know. It's not even summer over here... SO yeah, it is true Mom…you can snowboard and surf the same day here in Taranaki. The mountain is pretty beautiful I will send you some pictures next week hopefully.

Thank you family for your extra prayers. They have been well appreciated. Keep it up even though you have been doing it for the past who knows how long since Trevor left like what 3 years ago or something like that? Good news. In the short time since I arrived, the area went from having absolutely nothing to a little glimmer of hope! We found a couple named C and C! They are soooo awesome! They came to church yesterday and stayed for all three hours even though they had a younger newborn baby crying during the meetings and stuff. But they are keen to get married. We taught them the law of chastity and everything is running super smooth. They are set for August 17th. It just might be a little difficult to arrange a wedding in that time.

Tell Trevor good job!!! By the way, does the Bulls jersey still exist? Is Collin still its crowned possessor or did he relinquish his powers back to Trevor? And sorry Dad, it was definitely justified. J Keep being good, family. The Church is true.


Elder Ward

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