Sunday, July 7, 2013

Presient Rudd is the MAN!!!

Goodbye to President and Sister Lekias
Dear Family,

Sorry I was a little cheeky last week saying your beach vacation would end before mine... I was right though wasn't I? Haha But I think that my side is a whole lot less of a vacation. I have some good up-and-coming stories for you guys this week. But to respond to your letters, it's good to hear from you once again!

In response to some of your letters, Dad you forgot the spiritual message in World War Z to not pray to be seen of men (or zombies)... We brought an up-and-coming missionary out with us and he couldn't stop talking about the zombie movie. He told me the part where all the people started praying really loud and the zombies kept running into the wall until they all stacked up really really high over the wall into the city. Sounds awesome...

Well, I am a little bit jealous of all the good volleyball that was played, especially Collin playing with the champion lady person... Collin, was she good looking??? Trevor, did you try and get her number? Apparently, I am really close to Mount Manganui which is where A LOT of the professionals come to play and do their tournaments and stuff. But enough about volleyball.

Thank you Mom for managing to pop out a quick email to me via da iphone... That is not an easy thing to do so I don’t mind that it was incredibly short because with the time that probably took you and the concentration it must have required with all the screaming children in the back it probably would have come out as a novel without all the distractions. I sure do love my family!

Just yesterday a family in the ward I’m serving in the mom has severe cancer and has a 10 percent chance of living... in testimony meeting the husband shared their experience doing a skype call with their son to explain the situation... Of course it was rough for him (as I know it would be for me) but a few days later he shared his testimony with the family letting them know he was comforted by the fact that he knew Heavenly Father has a plan for the whole family and that includes their mom. IT WAS POWERFUL... Me being the hard man that I am was nearly brought to tears. So yeah, I am grateful for the gospel and how much it has helped our family... and seeing both ends of the spectrum every day has definitely helped me appreciate my family that much more.

So yes, I told you I have some good stories for the family. First off, PRESIDENT RUDD IS THE MAN!!!! We met him on Tuesday this week and he is sooooo funny! He has absolutely no idea how to do what he is doing! I didn't recognize how little training mission presidents receive... He was only in the MTC for a week and he doesn't get told by a single soul how to do his job. And the Quorum of the Twelve and the 1st Presidency want that to be the way it should be done. So yeah, NOT AN EASY JOB! He is a great man and explained right off the bat, “I can't replace President Lekias and I have not come to change everything. So everything will stay the same for now and I will make small changes as I see fit.” He is a great man though. I already love him to bits. Even cooler though, his mission home is right next to the temple basically! So Every month I get to go see the temple now!!!!!!! WHOO HOOO!!!  Maybe even twice a month depending on where transfers happen.

But let me tell you why my week was not a vacation at all! SO of course we did the usual crazy busy finding, teaching, meetings, you name it! And I am not sure how much I am meant to let you know about but I might as well tell you... On Tuesday, we got a call from a missionary who was on the verge of sending his companion to the hospital for being lazy and doing things he is not supposed to be doing and he demanded that we have an all-day trade off... so yes we accepted so nobody would get sent home and to whip the other missionary into shape... I went with the missionary that wanted to smash the other and talked to him and had a good conversation with him... I asked him what he was doing to fix the problem and then I told him I understand. I told him I had a companion who fell well beneath the standard of what missionaries should do and then I asked him, “What would the Savior do if He were the companion of that missionary?” Things have been sweet since then.

Now thinking about it I will tell you the other trade-off experience some other day. I got to hurry we are in the family history center and they are closing down soon... So yeah I will end with some positive stuff!!! Good news. There was a really really big fight at A’s house and almost all the bad influences moved back home to Hamilton!!! And to make things better, A and J’s cousins/brothers moved in and now they are set for baptism!!!! WHOOO HOOOO! Great things are happening in Welcome Bay!

Another cool experience this week was on Friday. We had to turn the car in to get serviced and we had to go on foot for a couple of hours. So yup we started walking down a street we have been down a lot and I said, “Elder Lamb wait! Let’s say a prayer.” So in the middle of the street we offered a quick prayer to find someone to teach. We kept walking and what do you know a door is wide open and we see a lady in there and we started talking to her!!! Then she said no... But right before we left a car pulled down a long driveway right next door so we figured might as well go talk to them. We went on down and sure enough five people were sitting outside smoking and drinking coffee. Two used to go to the church, one didn't believe in God and the other two did believe but didn't care at all... We sat down on their steps and started talking to them, got acquainted and then taught them about the gospel for an hour. It was really cool helping everything just make sense for them. Fifteen minutes in they stopped smoking and drinking coffee as well. It's cool when you have strong spiritual experiences like that on your mission. The lady who didn't believe in God even said, “You know, I think I am starting to believe in everything now.”

Have fun in Mexico!!! Be careful out there! Glad nobody got stung by stingrays! Don’t fight in the car and keep being good!


Elder Ward
Bay of Plenty Tarangua

Elder Ward, Roomi and Golf

Elder Ward and Elder AfaMaa

Elder Lamb with kids we ran into from Utah


Cool as Waterfall

Goodbye to Elder Bills (staying in Auckland mission)

Elder Lamb and kitty

Huge pile of rice we ate for dinner


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