Sunday, July 14, 2013

Farm Life

Good Morning Mexico!

Giving a calf a bottle...trying to make it look like a tough guy job

 Well I just hopped on a little late to the computers because this morning we went out to go do some good ol’ fashioned farm work!!!!!!! A recent convert from Opotiki named Tennis Fourie invited us out to do some calving. It was awesome! I will send you some pictures of all the stinky cows we got to feed and pick up and stuff... I'm definitely not cut out for farm life.

Elder Lamb holding calf straight from the womb...The Miracle of Life

Anyways yeah, we are sitting in the chapel and Elder Lamb is pretty depressed because he just learned his mission is ending in September. He got cut short by a month or so because of the whole transfer date change thing... So yeah, he is pretty devastated. He sure is a great missionary. I don't know if I have told you but he is one of my favorite companions so far. Transfer day happens two days from now and we still don't know what is going on but I am really starting to hope that I won’t be called to leave.


I think I am going to keep this relatively short but to respond back to some of your letters NOOOOOO!!!! Not the Mazda! [Someone smashed into it while it was parked and didn’t stop.] That is frustrating as heck. Good job on the three sales though, Trevor. Collin, tell the Chapmans they all looked great dressed up and stuff. Aubrey, thank you for writing me. It’s good to hear from you. I hope you enjoy Mexico. Mom, YES, I would like a copy of that Reflections of Christ DVD to show as an interlude at baptisms or something. I don't need any more ties. haha I tried to do a trade with the stake president in Tauranga. He had a cool tie but it was his favorite so he said no...

Other cool news, I think I mentioned them in the past but the J Family!!! They are doing great! They love having us come over when at first it was probably only the mom who cared if we existed... The oldest brother and the 2nd oldest brother’s partner came to church yesterday which were both massive miracles and they both enjoyed it too. Everyone in the house wants to get baptized. We just have a few issues to sort out. On Saturday, the second oldest, J, tried on an old suit and made his own name tag that read ELDER DAWG and then told his younger brother to tell the rest of the family the Elders were coming up the driveway. So all of them gathered into the living room and J or Elder Dawg knocked on the door and came in holding his Book of Mormon and said, "All right, who is getting baptized?!" I wasn't there but it had the whole family on the floor rolling with laughter.

I hope Mexico treats you well the rest of your stay! Be careful about what you eat there. I don't want anyone getting food poisoning. And tell the rest of the family that Elder Ward says HI! and sends his


Elder Ward

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