Sunday, August 4, 2013

Challenge...Fill a Bench

Dearest Parents, Brothers, Sisters, Friends, and everyone else...

Sounds like everything is going well back home! That is very very weird that everyone is leaving the nest... It will be especially weird not having any boys at home. Dad will just start having to invite his young men over more often to keep him sane. J haha Even though your young men might sometimes drive you a little insane!

Mom, to answer the question you forgot to ask, no I have not gotten the package yet but we have mission leadership council on Wednesday so hopefully I will get it then. I will try and let you know next week whether I get it or not. Oh and Mom, I can see you’re very concerned with when I am coming home..haha. There are so many new missionaries coming in right now that we kinda had to do 2-week mini transfers this week. On Thursday we just got two new missionaries to replace one who finished his mission and one who was going to another area, and to make things better there is going to be another transfer next week. What it sounds like is I could either be going home January 29th or December 18th. Elder Lamb’s parents just emailed either the mission office or President Lekias to figure it out... But I am pretty torn on what to do so I will just go with the flow and do what my mission president needs me to do.

Other crazy news! The other elders that also stay in the flat smashed a cat going down the freeway... It kinda destroyed the puny little Toyota Yaris that we drive and it has been needing repairs for about a month now... We finally switched with another companionship to get the much nicer Corolla (zone leaders get the nicer cars cuz we drive more and pull the trailers for transfers.) J Anyways, we just heard news that they are going to scrap the Yaris and we are going to get a replacement car. It's a native brand car called a Holden. These cars are SWEET!!!! Try looking it up on Google (be careful of course) but I will be one of the first privileged to drive a Holden in the New Zealand Hamilton mission…haha.

A new temple video??? That is cool. Let me know how awesome it is! Do you know if it will be worldwide? Cuz I think the New Zealand Hamilton Mission is due for a temple trip pretty soon here. Collin is one lucky dog getting paid big bucks for helping at a volleyball camp. haha I guess state champions get special treatment from Coach Vee.

Good news about our cute little branch in New Plymouth. We went to President Riggle’s house who is the 2nd counselor in the district presidency. He challenged us to fill at least a bench at church. (Our benches probably seat about 7 comfortably; 8 for a tighter squeeze). This Sunday we brought back two less active families!!! WHOOHOO we filled a bench and a bit with 9 people. My companion and I were pretty stoked! C and C didn't make it though which was a bummer. Their alarm didn't go off... We had a mean lesson with them though and figured out they have been living the law of chastity for a week straight... All we need to do now is either get them married or encourage one to move out. J

I am definitely learning heaps out here. I love every second. It is for sure the best two years of my life! Keep being awesome family!


Elder Ward


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