Sunday, July 21, 2013

Transfers....I'm in Taranki/New Plymouth

Dear Family,

Elder Ward with President and Sister Rudd (his new mission president)

I AM NO LONGER IN TAURANGA!!!!!!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... Haha I am not super excited about leaving. I really started to love that area and Elder Lamb and I were catching fire. But as most of my mission goes, as soon as I start getting a little comfortable the Lord likes to throw in a little trial. So, yes, I had a few goodbyes that would have been tearful if goodbyes still fazed me, but after 367,451,826,547 of those it gets overrated. J So, yeah, I have had a lot of funny experiences this week—good and not so good. But the hard part is I think I only have like an hour to email from now on when I used to be on for about an hour and a half so I will try to get everything done that I need to get done.... and still write a halfway decent letter to my family.

First off, Collin You TURD!!!!! That is sooooooo funny!!!! I don’t think it has anything about that in the Bible but Jacob 6:12 says, “O be wise, what can I say more,” so you can leave that to your own discretion if that was wise or not. J It sounded like it was an emergency so I deem it justifiable. J That was a mean looking [state championship] ring by the way... Oh and Ava, GOOD JOB! Way to go on the zipline adventure! That is impressive! And, yes Dad, dolphins are a very strong incentive and I have no idea why you would not pay for such priceless pictures. Aubrey, good luck losing your two front teeth. Just make sure you ask for new ones for Christmas. J haha It could be worse. A lot of people in New Zealand are lucky to have two teeth left in their whole mouth and more often than not those two teeth are charred black or yellow.

Big MIRACLES HAPPENED this week. Before I left, we talked to L who has been taught for years. He has gone through at least 18 missionaries and is practically already a member, but we invited him to the Ps’ house for a Family Home Evening. It was SO AWESOME!!!!!! We left after an hour cuz that’s the mission rule, but L stayed behind for at least another hour and a half talking about him getting baptized and other gospel subjects. It was awesome!!! And even better, he decided to set his own date to get baptized on August the 30th. KINDA far away but still huge progress!!!

Before we left we had the Whakatane Elders order our transfer trailer and we asked them to get a covered one just in case it was rainy. haha But the only covered trailers that they could get were MASSIVE. It was sad. They called for every little detail that we couldn't even really help them with but when they could not reach more than 80ks with their engine spinning at 6000 rpms (the speed limit on the freeway is 100ks by the way). So needless to say they were running behind a bit. Good news. We had lots of room in our spacious trailer to take all our stuff.

I felt the earthquake big time! It was the first one that I actually noticed and it lasted for a good fifteen seconds. I wasn't really afraid, but It kinda made me stop and wonder at how much power God really has and pictured a big set of hands shaking the Earth like a snow globe. I don't know how far away New Plymouth is from the earthquake but it was still pretty cool.

In my new area I am flying solo as a zone leader and have seven missionaries who came from the Wellington mission in my zone... I stay in an apartment with three other missionaries. Some of the missionaries here are still adjusting to this mission’s standards and things are a bit of a challenge for them. That makes things tough for all of us. So yeah, I will need some extra prayers. To be honest, I really don’t feel cut out for this job... Don’t worry. I won’t quit or ask to get transferred and I will do my best to have a good attitude. It will just be a good chance for me to gain a lot of experience and bring me that much closer to Heavenly Father.

Enjoy your Sabbath day! Also, Mom or Dad or someone, can you please ask someone who knows the past attendance in our ward? Maybe like the past three weeks because our cute little branch gets about 60 to 90 every Sunday... The Church is true no matter where you go and no matter how crazy the people are or how small attendance is at church. It is all true! Thanks for raising me in this gospel Mommy and Daddy. I am not super grateful for inheriting a high risk of colon cancer, but I sure am Grateful for being able to inherit you guys.


Elder Ward




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