Sunday, October 6, 2013

My Mission ROCKS!!!!!

Dearest Family,

Let me start by answering whatever questions you might have. First off, I am leaning more towards a 4 out of 10 (in regards to whether he wants us to pick him up or not).   I will just go home the normal way. Also, all three missionaries are still my companions and I am still the zone leader, and I have the choice to go with whatever missionary in whatever way I feel is most affective... THIS IS LIKE EVERY MISSIONARY’S DREAM!!! Haha! I find myself a lot more tired by the end of the day though. Training can be a little bit taxing sometimes…especially 3 at a time.:) Definitely worthwhile though!

Sounds like Conference is pretty awesome…thank you for not spoiling too much for me! (Connor doesn’t get to watch it until the following week.)  I am guessing they announced a few more temples and stuff like that? And I still don’t understand why the family finally decides to go and do something fun and new and exciting that we have never done before while I am away! (We attended general conference in the conference center…first time for some in our family.) All sweet though! :) Sooooo let’s see what happened this week...

1. I got to drive sister Rudd’s car…that was awesome!

2. Had another great missionary leadership council!

3. Afterwards picked up Elder Temarono who came down with me but had stayed the day with another set of missionaries and mooched some grilled cheese sandwiches off the Rudds before we drove back down.

4. We had a good trade off with the new traveling assistant, Elder Williams. He was super funny and he complimented me on the quality of my “children”.

5. Before Elder Williams left I thought it would be funny to throw water on his car from the balcony. It would have been hilarious, but his window was down! I felt SOOO BAD, but he still thought it was really funny.

6. We had a few awesome lessons this week. I will go into these with a little more detail…

One was with a mom and her 2 little girls. She plays a little too much World of Warcraft, so her house and a few other things in her life are a little out of order. But anywho, we tried to teach her but she would never let us in until one day we offered to do her lawns for her. It was quite the job moving everything out of the way so that we wouldn't mow up bike pieces, stuffed animals, real animals…dead and alive, cards, trash, you name it. It reminded me of what we did to Mitchell Shepherd’s house a long time ago when we got into big trouble...still not proud of that one!  Anyways she invited us in right after and we had a great lesson! They felt the spirit and the next day we came to watch Finding Faith in Christ with her and the children. The Spirit was strong as I asked the kids to count the miracles that Jesus Christ performed in the movie after describing that a miracle is doing something that no ordinary person can do. When it got to the scene where Jesus was being whipped and carrying his cross, the seven year old was so sad that they were doing that to Jesus... It was powerful to see how much she cared about Him.

Another lesson we had wasn't even so much of a lesson. Normally I am pretty gung ho for being bold and telling people they need to get baptized or come back to church, but not so as we visited the M’s home. The husband is a less active returned missionary and his wife is less active as well. These two were classed in the Branch council as people that will take a lot of time. When a member of the branch presidency visited them, the first thing Brother M said was, “Don’t talk to me about the Church”. Anyways, I felt that we just needed to have a good heart to heart with them without so much of the rebuke about not coming to church. I asked a lot about his mission and really just had a good talk. We left with a prayer and I didn't think much of the visit after... BUT  THIS SUNDAY THEY CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It brought tears to my eyes when I saw them walk into the building. My mission ROCKS!

Going on with the list…
7. A little bit more negative…but I just dropped a missionary off at the bus stop who is quite possibly going home. His companion is joining with us for the time being. 

8. We have a member feeding us dinner soon who let us know he is going to boil up a full pig head and feed us everything that falls off the skull…brains, eyes, name it!  

I think that is just about it, but HEY COLLIN, you enjoy the temple! You will be able to feel the spirit there soooo strong! I am jealous for the rest of the family because when you all get to spend a little time in the celestial room together, you will definitely get a good taste of heaven on earth. Enjoy good ole Utah and let all of the rest of the family know that I think that they are awesome! See ya guys! 

Elder Ward 


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