Sunday, October 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Mum!!

Hamilton Temple at Night
So I am here a little bit early today because the library is shut down so we are at the chapel. We got permission from the assistants to have one companionship email first while the other does companion study and then swap to save time. Sooo yeah, here I am!!!

I started with the paragraph below but I figured that I better move up a little and start with something a little bit more uplifting. MOM I LOVE YOU! Happy Birthday YOU DID IT! How old are you now? 39? Still lookin good for your age, Mom. You got all the boys wanting you to hug them. J It was really fortunate actually that I remembered your birthday. haha I woke up this morning not even knowing if it was November or October let alone which day of the month. I did the usual exercise, shower, eat breakfast routine and I had about 20 minutes before study and I was looking in my study desk and I found that calendar you made for me... Sorry MOM. I love the calendar and the time and effort you put into it, but I usually keep it hidden down in my drawer... I don’t know why but I picked it up to check what day it was and I look down and it's mum’s birthday! It just registered now that it’s actually tomorrow for you so happy early birthday Mom. Even though I have been away for awhile and changed a lot on my mission you don’t have to worry that I will never change from being a total complete momma’s boy. In fact, my mission has probably just made me more of one especially cuz I do all the cooking in my house full of noobs! I miss you Mom and look forward to getting a hug from you even more than Hans Peter. J

Now time for the not-so-positive portion.

Mom, don’t worry about sending me a package on Christmas. Honestly, it's not worth it... Haha Maybe it will make my companion feel bad for me and he will just give me some of his stuff. J jokes Do what you like, Mom. In fact, you probably won’t want to get anything for me any more because I have some bad news. This week I went to the DENTIST!!! and I had to get some work done... $600 dollars worth in NZ money so probably 520 American... I just got two cavities filled and this stupid gap in the back of my mouth from wearing those brackets for my braces, one of the two cavities was found under one of my fillings. The dentist had to take out the old filling and put in a new one IT STUNK!!!!!!!!! I almost had to get a root canal. They suggested doing it in two different parts but I HATE WASTING TIME!!! so I said nope lets get it all done at once. MY WHOLE mouth was numb for a couple of hours that day I sounded SO DUMB!!!!!! Anyways I thought that it would be covered by the mission but it turns out they don’t do dental sooo they asked me to ask you to contact the mission office and pay them or I could just use my own personal card... I honestly just don’t know how much money I have on mine and I am scared to use it. Mom can you figure that out for me? 

So other awesome news this week, J came to church this week!!!! WHOOOHOOOO! She is an awesome lady. It’s really sad she suffers from anxiety and post traumatic stress and does not do well in large groups of people!!! But she came to church and I knew she was having a hard time but all the relief society sisters really helped out and held her hand and were really nice to her! So yeah, this week was pretty good. My companion, Elder Rasband, got really sick. He has bronchitis so we have had some serious ups and downs this past week. 

Anyways, I honestly don’t have a whole bunch of time but tell Trevor thanks for the letter to me with all those suggestions for member missionary work. Keep being good and pressing on. Tell dad that he is lame and needs to not be in the habit of doing things last second (Alma 34:32-34) but that I still love him! 

Oh just real quick, other cool things that happened this week, the C family, the less active family that we helped come back met with the branch president and arranged a baptism date for their son! It’s not a convert baptism but I couldn’t care less!!!!! And then one last thing that I did this week was I spoke again at church for the third time. Missionaries are pretty much the high council speakers... We usually get called monthly here. Have a good day.


Elder Ward

P-day on Mt. Taranaki

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