Sunday, October 13, 2013

Conference Was Spectacular!

Dearest Loved and Cherished People,

GOOOO UTTTAAAHHHHH!  It sounds like you guys had a great time while you were there. Mom, that is actually where my two new sons are from—Utah, one from Orem and the other from Provo. Haha It’s so funny how ashamed missionaries from Utah are about being from Utah. Some elders just say the city they are from and some even say they are from somewhere else justifying their lie when they say they were born in California even though they lived in Utah the past 19 years... I have no idea why I’m starting my letter this way but just a fun fact.

Way to go Collin! You made it to the Temple!!! It’s cool to see on MLS or a ward list a family that has marked down an Elder or High Priest and it's really cool to see Endowed or Sealed next to their name as well... It's funny. This is my missionary way of thinking, but I would like to see what our Family Household report would look like on paper... with 4 Elders, 5 Endowed, and 2 Sealed. I would kill to have a family like that move into our branch. Anyway, this is once again, another weird topic to be starting on.

SO sorry I just keep getting interrupted by a lot of different things and I have to work on some accident report because we got backed into yesterday by a less active member... We got her details but I just felt bad for her because she is not insured. I tried to make a few jokes to lighten the situation and did my best to let her know I didn't care at all that she hit our car.

Other news, I had to help with an emergency shift of an elder up to Hamilton because he was having some concerns so that was pretty bummer...

Enough with the negative! Time for some positive!!!!!!!!!!! WE found 15 new investigators this week which was pretty dang awesome. One lady was having some major problems with her 17 year old son. We had a good lesson with her and her 5 kids. Then we found a less-active member and taught him and his 5 kids the ten commandments and they all felt the spirit and he just promised us last night he is coming back to church this Sunday. And then we found another mom with a few kids. This week was absolutely awesome!!! 

Conference was spectacular! My favorite talks were given by Edward Dube, David Bednar, Henry B. Eyring, our beloved Prophet and the usual Jeffrey R. Holland. I learned a lot and made a few suggestions for myself to improve after listening to all the general authorities speak. I know for sure those men aren't just your average old and dusties THEY ARE special witnesses of Jesus Christ and everything they spoke was pure truth. Don’t forget Elder Ballard’s challenge FAMILY!!! INVITE ONE PERSON BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!!! Don’t worry. I will join in on his challenge too.

Another good experience this week was I was talking to an elder who is having a hard time recognizing the spirit. We had a good chat to make sure he was worthy, and he was so I assured him that he does have the spirit with him as long as he is praying, reading and partaking of the sacrament, and doing the things he is meant to be doing... He was still a little bit down SO I told him here is what we’re going to do today. Not only are we going to pray to have the spirit with us throughout the day (like we normally do)  but we are going to pray to recognize the spirit’s guiding influence everywhere we go, and in everything we say!!! The very first time we prayed to recognize the spirit we talked to a lady who was not very keen to talk to us at first... We offered service and we started talking about her family and then we started talking about the gospel. Little by little her countenance changed until she told us she could give us 30 minutes when at first she was pretending to be in a rush out of her house. After, we had a short lesson with her. I pointed out how her whole entire countenance changed as we met with her. The spirit is so quiet and so gentle but it is SOOOO POWERFUL!!! I don’t think we realize how much the Holy Ghost influences our day-to-day actions. Always live worthy of its guidance family.

I love you guys heaps and miss you too even while I am in the best place and amongst the best people on Earth.

Elder Ward 

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