Sunday, September 29, 2013

Running a Mini MTC

Taranki Sunset

Dearest family,

Elder Hammar is the Man!
Another transfer finished! So here is the report. I AM STILL IN NEW PLYMOUTH!!!! Also more fun news, I have two more boys that I am training. I had TWINS!!! Elder Rasband and Elder Misbach (MIZ-BOK). And Elder Hammar who I have been training for only 6 weeks is still in the same 4-person flat with me so I am, in President’s words, running a little mini MTC... How’s that? It’s a little taxing sometimes but I love the challenge. Elder Hammar is the man and is helping me out big time with a lot of the training. But yeah, that now makes four children in my mission posterity—Elder Loffhagen, Elder Hammar, and the two newest additions to the family. I know Elder Loffhagen cooked me up a grandson already so I am hoping to have a pretty rich posterity before I

To answer some of your questions, Mom, I do not wear those white slippers [see picture] as proselyting shoes. They’re comfy, around-the-flat shoes. They [the Goodmans] came in the middle of our companion study. And yes, I believe that was Elder Hammar [in the picture]... Thanks for your letters everyone. It’s good to hear from everyone, and sorry Ava that you’re sick... that’s why you should become a missionary and choose the right because if you do that even when you get sick the Lord will help you get better way faster!!! I was only sick from Sunday morning to Sunday night.
The Goodmans picking up junk from our flat

Sorry, got to go quick. I have to help some sick missionaries do their shopping and drive them around. J

Other funny news… we had interviews with President this week. He came down to help out in the district and to make some callings and do some temple recommend stuff. Anyway, I told President my PERFECT KIWI FRUIT PLAN.... Haha. We had a good laugh but he let me know the obvious, that it probably couldn't happen... Parents, I only want to do what makes everyone happy. I will put the ball in your court. If you come what would you want to do? Give me some details on your expectations (how long you would want to stay, min or max, things like that, and I know money isn't everything but an overall cost for the whole trip.)

Sooo one funny thing that happened this week is my mission president’s WIFE GAVE ME A HUG!!!!!!!!!! It was the most special moment of my life. J And then right after that, Sister Labrum one of the cute, old office ladies gave me a hug too!!! haha I have reduced myself to hitting on old ladies J like the 86-year-old librarian at our branch, Sister Hamilton. I always tell her she is beautiful and that she is the best librarian in the history of the Church... She has been doing it for 26 years now so she better be good.

The work continues to press forward. We continue to find people to teach and things are going well. I love you guys and please don't think that it was the kiwi fruit that was more important than the family... it definitely is a WHOLE lot more than a bunch of fruit. I look forward to seeing you guys more and more every day and if I wasn't engaged in such a good cause I would probably have asked to come home sooner, but I want to let you guys know that you’re more important than kiwi fruit.   

Elder ward   

Me and Sister M

Sleepover at President Rudd's

Cool Jammies!!

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