Sunday, November 3, 2013

I am Still Sweet As!

Well family, it’s a crazy hectic day at the library and there are a lot of people here so I am going to have to make this letter pretty brief as well!!! Thanks Dad. I forgive you [for being a little late writing the week before]. D&C 58:42-43 I won’t remember that one slip-up you had any more. Hahaha. And I did come as a thief in the night didn't I? haha And Dad, I liked your scripture next to Mom’s picture. We had the assistants come down for companion exchanges and Elder Lui, the assistant closest to going home, told me to Read 1 Nephi chapter 11 verse 10 and then jump down right to verse 15....

Anyway, back to what’s going on in my mission! Everything is going quite well. I am leaving NEW PLYMOUTH WEST!!! and going to NEW PLYMOUTH EAST!!!! I am not super thrilled about it but it’s for the best... Our transfer will be a little longer and last for another 2 weeks. Then the one after that will be cut short 2 weeks and last for 4... SO yeah, that’s what is happenin’. Mum, I still am coming home toward the end of January but yeah, I am really starting to hear it from everybody, “YOUR  TIME IS SO SHORT,” the Elder who is about to finish his mission. haha Don’t worry though. I am still unfazed. I think I would be embarrassed to admit if I was fazed but I am still sweet as!

This week I had another awesome mission leadership council at President Rudd’s house. I took up Elder Christie, the Canadian district leader in our zone, just to have a mean 3-hour heart-to-heart with him on the trip up and then for the trip down. I learned a lot from him, especially at night. He knelt down and prayed for at least 20 minutes. He inspired me to stop saying lousy prayers where I am kneeling with my face in my bed, and to get away from my bed and to start my prayer with a small hymn or something to help me focus cuz I lose focus easy. J

Anyway, things are going great. The entire zone has 7 people set with a baptism date now!!! That is phenomenal!  SO I couldn't be more proud of the effort and hard work that has been put into making this area awesome to be in! It's fun and exciting too because I kinda get to play a big role in developing the Hamilton mission. I am determining areas that missionaries will be put in for the Taranaki Zone... Of course, President gets the final say but President has trusted the zone leaders to figure out what areas should start being covered and stuff like that! So it’s fun serving right now.

Other good news, J is still progressing. She came to church for the 2nd week in a row! She was deathly afraid to be there still but she came! We have a few other investigators starting to progress so that makes things really exciting.

Another completely random side note… remember how we always used to watch the same movie on Sunday—The Other Side of Heaven? Since I have been on my mission I have collected A LOT OF DVDs... Another Testament, How Rare a Possesion, D&C Resource DVD which has Legacy, Mountain of the Lord, Only a Stonecutter, the John Tanner story and the Joseph Smith movie... the Old Testament resource DVD, the old Family Home Evening DVD, On Our Way Home, Mormon Messages, Reflections of Christ (thanks Mom), Between Heaven and Earth, On the Lord’s Errand, and Finding Faith in Christ... Mom, I have one request. If you REALLY NEED to send a package for Christmas, there is now a Mormon Messages 2 DVD… it should have a green cover... Elder Hammar got it and it is AWESOME!!!

Anyway, love you guys and good luck at the temple dedication!!! Make sure everyone gets those booties on! OH and YOU DIDN’T TELL ME THE MISSOURI MISSION SENT A COPY of the cultural celebration!!! That’s awesome! I am stoked for that!


Elder Ward

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