Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mission Life is Good!

Dear Family,


HAHAHAHA! NO way! Elder Lamb’s family actually came down to see you! Mom, I was laughing so hard because I was actually concerned when Dad said they visited that our house would have been messy and that Mom would be embarrassed. haha I was right... I sure do love Elder Lamb. We get along well and he is definitely a good missionary, and yeah we are pretty similar in a lot of ways. Other Big news is HOLY COW! Collin You did it!!! I never thought you would! Because I'm no dummy, we have been going to this school for over seven years. It is weird that our family has been doing volleyball for what? over 8 years? Or somethin’ like that? Plus another 4 to go from Aubrey? Anyways lots of crazy news! INCLUDING CARSON and EMMA being ENGAGED!!! They are getting married in November. How crazy is that? Okay, I take that back. Everyone kind of saw it coming, but still HOW CRAZY IS THAT?

Good on Clark and Wendel going to the temple. I love the temple so much... Collin, I hope you’re doing temple Tuesdays still! Also, funny thing too is Elder Lamb did temple Tuesdays as well in Canada. And, hold up…why are you going to Mexico??? Is it going to be like our Cancun trip? How come you’re doing all these strange Not-California vacations when I’m not around? Church History? Hawaii? Mexico? All good. No worries. I realize you might be going because you’re just jealous I am in New Zealand.
J haha Elder Lamb and I have decided to go play golf next Pday. I think we are both going to be embarrassed and put to shame, but at least I can say that I played 18 holes in New Zealand.

Mission life is good! I got to confirm L. R. yesterday!!! Finally! I sure do love that family. I am just sad they might move to Hamilton pretty soon. A is great. He stopped smoking yesterday and showed up again with his shirt, tie and suit... He even cut the mop off his head... He looks pretty decent and the ward actually came up to him, introduced themselves and the YSA even got his number and everything. Elder Lamb and I were almost in tears at how supportive the ward was.

A funny thing that happened this week is we found a new girl named S. Actually, she found us! We went by her house the week before without any luck so we walked by it and she calls out HEY are you Mormons?! If there is anything that perks up missionaries’ ears it's something like that! SO yup we went over and it turns out she made it halfway through the Book of Mormon and was really close to getting baptized but had to leave to go help her dad in Tauranga! We set her to be baptized on the fifteenth of June and I was just buzzing the rest of the day!

Another funny story is with this same girl, S, actually knows G because they live two houses apart... SO we brought him over for a lesson, and when we went to go teach her there was a guy sitting around the house. We invited him to join, but he said he was tired and going to bed. As he was leaving, G said so you won’t come? Then we’ll just teach her and she will go up to Heaven (and he raised his hand to show her going up to heaven) Then he put the other hand out and said, “And you will stay on the ground and she will say bye bye!” HAHA EVERYONE started busting out laughing, even the guy...In the long run he didn't join, but it was still a good lesson with S.

Sorry just a short letter today, but this week was great because we had an AWESOME zone conference with President Lekias. He even asked a few missionaries about their work before the mission and he showed us a cool correlation between that and missionary work. Between the job, the hours, and the pay we received it made me appreciate my job now so much more. haha Actually, I appreciate both my jobs, as a representative of Jesus Christ and as a measly pest control salesman. It definitely helped prepare me for this.

I love you so much Whanua! Be good!

Elder Ward

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