Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sweet Revelation

Good Morning America!!!

Hahaha! That volleyball video sounds hilarious.... Way to go Dad! I liked your thoughts on all of that. Thank you Mom for that letter. I will try and get that off to her this week. That is absolutely nuts that Aubrey’s hair straightener almost burned the whole house down! That is crazy! Anyways Dad! I received some sweet revelation just now. I know you’re not allowed to receive revelation for those you don't have a calling for, but I think family counts right???? Check it out in the Bible Dictionary under revelation... It is one of the Grandest Concepts of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Anyways, Collin just emailed me and asked the question what he should study from during the summer. I told him the Book of Mormon, but at the same time PMG is pretty dang important and I was able to find 2 ways to help the Priests quorum use PMG more often than the yearly PMG mutual night! Idea number one is home teaching asking the families if you can teach them the missionary lessons in their home teaching visits! You can even ask to do trade offs with some of the boys and help improve their teaching. You can take this as far as you want to, but you can even have the families prepare to act like real investigators with real concerns and have them ask questions to the missionaries that investigators might ask. So that the priests can really learn how to use chapter 10 in PMG, how to begin teaching, teach for understanding, asking questions, listening, resolving concerns, using the scriptures, and teaching with your companion in unity. Also, idea number two would be coordinating with the primary president and letting them know that if they ever need a substitute teacher to go to you so that you can assign 2 priests to go teach a gospel subject like... Faith or the Atonement or Repentance. Just hope that your boys would be on it and would actually prepare... That's really where I first started learning how to really teach—in PRIMARY! So give that one a shot if it feels okay.

Anyways, sorry those ideas needed to be shared! Funny stories, Elder Lamb’s family is visiting Arizona so I gave them our address and told them to stop by! So keep that house clean KIDS!!! Their flight leaves at 330pm tomorrow. Haha speaking of Elder Lamb, something really funny happened this week. All of a sudden at one in the morning Elder Lamb wakes up, goes outside and turns our bedroom light on... Next minute the shower starts going!!! After his good ten-minute shower he comes back in and I asked what the heck he was doing??? He said getting ready... and then I asked if he had any idea what time it was. haha No he didn't. He is still trying really hard to wrap his mind around why that happened... Funny story number 2, I did a trade off with Elder Lee from England and we started doing all these magic tricks at night time after planning. We did a combined one on video tape where I was lying on our couch and he comes on screen and says he is going to make me levitate... He puts a blanket over me and while he does that I turn onto my stomach in a push up position out of view of the camera then when he starts to move his hand up I start to slowly push up so it looks like I’m floating and I start saying things from under the blanket like WHOA it's working!!!! I’m going tooo high!!! PUT ME DOWN!!! Then he drops me and mid air I flip back onto my back and pop out from the blanket surprised that I actually flew up in the air. It was pretty funny.

Now to the missionary side of things! We have some great investigators! One is named A. He is just 19 but he actually came very close to getting baptized. We found him talking to people in the street and he was super keen to see us. He actually stays with 20 other people in a house half the size of ours... We had a lesson with him and got to know him and his background a little, and he told us he still wants to get baptized, he just needs to work on a few things... We set goals with him and committed him to start reading the BOM and pray and do everything in his power to quit. I gave him a suit and pants that were given to me by another missionary, one of my white shirts, and Elder Lamb donated a tie. HE looked great at church on Sunday.

Golf is still awesome. We are just sad because he is leaving to Hastings in about 2 weeks. He is awesome though. He wanted to come out with us so he could share his testimony of the BOM and sure enough he did... He had no fear talking to random people on the street, and he told us he wasn't scared because he knew God would help him speak. He even found 2 German girls that live in a van and invited them over to his house to be taught by us. They listened to our message but weren't interested at all. They just wanted a place to stay rather than their van...

Then, last but not least, I got to speak at church on Sunday and share my testimony on modern day prophets... I explained my temple pin that I always wear on my jacket and talked about meeting Dallin H. Oaks, and singing for President Monson, and being at the same cultural celebration where the 3000 youth prayed to have that massive jumbotron work for the Prophet. I got a lot of nice compliments afterward, especially from some of the older ladies in the Ward. J

Anywho, gots to go. Love you heaps!!!

Elder Ward

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