Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mum's Day!


Dear Family,

Sorry today will be a very short letter home, but it sure was great to talk to you guys yesterday! That sure was an awesome way to finish the season! YOU DID IT!!!! By the way, who was the State player of the Year???? I am still buzzing about that! Sorry it was the main thing we talked about, but hey it sure was great to talk to you guys again! I am turning into a ROCK! I didn't cry! Don't worry though because I still love you guys all the same, if not more.

A funny thing that happened this week is we went on a trade off and I actually lost one of my shoes or left it in the car.  So I had only one shoe and there were no others at the flat I was staying at for the night. So, I had to borrow a sister’s shoe that was luckily black and barely fit. It was awesome riding bikes with that on. Haha…the people we went to go teach got a real good kick out of that as well!

Oh, and advice for all the volleyball boys, NEVER FORGET how awesome it was reaping the benefits of THOUSANDS of hours of HARD WORK. If you can't learn to work hard in life, there is so many things you will miss out on….kind of like my team senior year. Whenever you are tempted in life to pity poo yourself or to slack off in the slightest, you remember how good that state championship tasted!! THEN you will be REMINDED IT TOOK WORK!!! I promise if everyone can put the work ethic they showed with volleyball into every aspect of their life, they will NEVER have any REGRETS.

Mom, dad, family, I feel old.... It's weird how accustomed I have become to NZ mission life. It's weird that I can't imagine black and white police cars (the ones here are blue and yellow), the smell of a good ole Walmart, or getting a hair cut at Becky's salon instead of running a razor through my hair every month or so. Though I do miss these things, I extremely fear how much I am going to miss mission life. It's definitely motivating me to work harder then I ever have before. I am really enjoying the work right now. Things are just working great and we are teaching a whole lot of new people... O, I C (she is Japanese) T, A, D, J, and A... If you can pray for these names that would be great. We need all the help we can get!

Anything else.... let's see.... sorry I am lame. Mum, you are the best. I love you so much and I definitely have the right to have what Elder Uchtdorf refers to as “righteous pride” in how awesome my mother really is. Thanks for your letter Mum. I will admit, when our primary got up to sing a few mother's day songs I had to fight the tears in thinking of my own mother. I am sure I already told you, but on my mission if anyone ever asks what do you miss the most I always say, “my Mom”. You are more important then volleyball…YES even a state championship. You will always mean the world to me.


Elder Ward

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