Sunday, June 2, 2013


Dear Family!

Thank you so much Aubrey for sending me a letter!!! Have fun at EFY! Make sure you call Mom and Dad halfway through, maybe even twice, to tell them all the cool stuff that is happening! I know for me that was a great place to recognize the spirit. Mom and Dad, make sure you help her recognize that as best as you can. Then help her realize that those good awesome feelings can be kept as long as we are reading the scriptures and praying every day! Sorry Mom and Dad… not trying to coach you or anything, but from the child's perspective I wish I had a greater love for the scriptures (at that age) and that definitely would have helped me especially through the dark stages we refer to as freshman year.

Anyways! NO WAY COLLIN!!!! You did it!!! Who else on the team made 1st team all state??? Anyone? I can't wait to go back and see your pretty little picture up on the wall! You should do a goofy smile... haha Be careful that it’s not too goofy such that it wouldn’t get put up on the wall.

I liked all your good analogies from painting, to rock climbing, to white water rafting... It's weird how analogies, talking about something completly different from the topic, can help people better understand the POINT you’re trying to get across... A lot of the best missionaries are great at making analogies whether they are training other missionaries or teaching a lesson to non-members.

Well, I will be honest. This was one of the tougher weeks in missionary life...Sorry. After that sentence I started to list all the low points, but I think I will just have to share some after my mission... It's not worth getting down on! So I am going to have to just tell you all the good things that happened instead!

Number 1: Mission Leadership Council WAS AWESOME! As always, being taught by President Lekias is a very very cool thing to do. You feel the spirit so strong just being in the same room as people like him. Also, we get to meet with President Fitzpatrick on a monthly basis to discuss things so that is cool too.

Number 2: Tongan people are awesome! On the way back from Leadership Council we decided to stop by Pokeno, the best ice cream place in all of New Zealand... which, by the way, if I haven't told you, New Zealand's ice cream is 387467821 times better than ours. Ours is a lot more ice. They do it right and have more cream. Anyway, we pull up and Elder Lamb and I were both out of money.... Whoops. Irresponsible. Anyway, I recognized the old Tongan bishop who attended the same chapel as me when I was in Redhill! I called out, “HEY BISHOP!!!” and started talking to him. Anyway, long story short, without asking they bought us all three massive scoops of ice cream cones just before they left to go back home from the temple trip they had.

 Number 3: We ran into a lady named G who we could tell believed in God even though she had weird ideas about reincarnation and stuff like that. Anyway, I felt the spirit tell me to ask her why she believed in God. She told us about her depression and stuff like that and how he fixed it but she kinda takes her own ideas on it because the Bible can mean so many different things! SHE LOVED THE BOOK OF MORMON when we explained what it was and how working with the Bible can confound false doctrine and establish truth. That was a cool first lesson.

Number 4: On Sunday there was a family sitting on the back right bench, the “Smith” family... and I could tell that they were having a hard time... They happen to be Ward Missionaries so we went to their house and told them we noticed that they weren't doing so good. Can we help you? She did as Elder Nelson directed, "Ask the missionaries!" They shared with us some concerns and we are seeing what help we can provide. Keep the "Smith" family in your prayers.

Number 5: I will figure out where I am going this week!!! Ha! I am torn. I don’t know what I want...stay in Auckland...or go to the new Hamilton mission??? All good though. I bet you can't wait to hear either! Oh and hey! Elder Bills (companion in Missouri) emailed me today and also brother Nelson. Remember I skyped from his house back in Missouri?! Yeah him.
I love you family! BE POSITIVE!!! IT HELPS!


Elder Ward

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