Monday, May 14, 2012

Winning the Hearts of the People

The Zone Leaders and Elder Bills are being lame so I might not have a whole lot of time to email you guys todayL sorry! IT WAS DA BOMB talking to you guys last night!!! Mom, I feel bad it was more your day, and I probably should have talked to just you for a little bit. Let it be known though on my blog that I declare that I have the absolute best mom in the whole world. Thanks again for everything mom and I meant every word in that poem I wrote for you. :)

Alex Mcbride, huh??? Well, if you can tell him before he leaves… I know that he will be a legendary missionary and I'm ready for him to get out there too!!! Crazy! So in my new home ward someone just got called to Korea and another Czechlosovakia (if that’s how you spell it).

So this week I had some cool experiences. The 5 dogs one I shared with you during our phone call was definitely the most funny though.  Thursday we were tracting in a huge apartment complex and I started feeling major stomach problems coming on...MAJOR! Don’t worry I made it back to the apartment in time.

Mindy and Alexa... Remember how Mindy lost ALLL of her clothes and 50 pairs of shoes? Well we have been asking the members that we visit if they have anything to donate and they have been helping a ton. Anyways, one lady heard what happened to Mindy so she gave her $100 and then another $75 in gift cards for stores and stuff.  After we received everything from her, we took over a big bag of clothes and all the money. When I went inside, I asked Mindy if she had been doing some serious praying. She said yeah and I gave her the envelope with everything in it. She broke down crying and gave me a hug. I promise I did my best to not acknowledge it. Anyways though, we explained to her really well that it’s not the members that make the church true and that prayer and this gospel can bring a ton more blessings than $100 and a few gift cards.  It worked perfect though because Mindy has a ton of family and friends around this area and they all know what we have done, so they are interested in meeting with us and knowing more. King Lamoni=Mindy. So this week should be really good. We’re winning the hearts of the people and then teaching them.

Sorry, I have to go. This is a lame email, but this week has been SOOO GOOD. Once again Mom, I love you soo much…everyone else you’re alright.


Elder Ward

p.s. We played some serious 2 vs 2 volleyball and I almost lost too. Don’t worry though, I will stay undefeated.

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