Monday, May 28, 2012

I'm Still in Blue Springs

Dearest of all dear families,

Man! 129 days?! That sounds like a whole lot! (I informed Connor that he had been out 129 days and Trevor had 129 days left to serve).  So I have some crazy news!!! I'm still in Blue Springs, Missouri! Elder Bills was made a zone leader and is serving in Olathe. It came as a little bit of a shock that he was leaving instead of me. That happened Thursday. Our zone leaders are still the same, Elder Jensen and Elder Kamalu. I really do miss Elder Bills hah now that he is gone. I promised I would do my best to not say anything negative about him while I was working with him, but now that he is gone I can really only say that I miss the guy. We definitely finished the transfer strong and we actually became really good buddies. Sometimes it was hard to tell, but he actually had a lot of love and respect for me. He just wasn't a real emotional type so he wasn't the best at showing it, but that’s okay.

I love how Ava is growing up so much! I don’t even think Trevor is going to be able to recognize anybody, and I can't even begin to imagine what she will be like when I get home. Haha dad…yup Collin is definitely the best volleyball player in the family by now... (weird huh?) To think 2 years ago he wouldn't play because he was embarrassed and didn't think he was good enough to play. Man he is a big boy now. Oh and yes I did write Aubrey a letter! I woke up at 5:30 yesterday to write her. I finished by 7:00 she better appreciate it. ;) I love you Aubrey and hope you have a good birthday!

So this week we figured out a little early that Elder Bills was leaving so Tuesday and Wednesday we spent a lot of time saying goodbye to investigators. I kinda had to force Elder Bills to go visit some of the people and bear one last super powerful testimony (he hates getting emotional so it was a little tough on him). We had great experiences as we worked really hard the last few days we had together and even found some pretty solid investigators named Tabitha and Mike. I am definitely going to miss that kid and I know that he was definitely an inspired companion.

Thursday was transfer day we woke up early so our YSA mission leader could take us to Denny’s (Elder Bills favorite) before transfers. He took me, Elder Bills and the Zone leaders. Haha…he always jokes around when we thank him for paying for stuff. He just says "no no…it’s alright…that’s just my tithing for the month." Anyways we had a tearful goodbye (not really). It was still a little tough saying goodbye to my "dad". Anyways after that I decided to team up with the zone leaders. We went home and started to weekly plan and that's when it really hit me as I wrote down every single name that we are teaching or have on date for baptism and whatnot. I realized how much more responsibility I have now. It was a little overwhelming. Anyways, it was cool to go work with the ZL's as a trio. We had a lot of fun and actually met a few sweet potentials. Then at five Brother Nelson and I drove down to pick up my new companion. It was pretty weird doing that and being companionless and all for awhile, but it was still fun. Brother Nelson is a really good guy. Anyways we picked up my new companion (ELDER TAYLOR). He is from Alberta Canada and has a scholarship to play basketball and guess what??? HE PLAYED VBALL IN HIGH SCHOOL!!! Oh yeah and he is 6'4. He is a great missionary and loves the Lord which is pretty much all I asked for. The volleyball was just a tender mercy I guess. That day we also met with Alexa and Mindy to help prepare them to be baptized by showing them the baptismal interview questions... We got to number 4 which is probation and parole. MINDY IS ON PAROLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAGAGHAHDRHFU I don’t think my heart could have sank deeper. We need 1st Presidency clearance.

Friday on a lighter note we met with Mindy’s friend Christy to help her. We talked about how the gospel changes lives and makes life happier and more worth living and she said she would love to learn more. She has a 7 year old son, Johnathan and a boyfriend she wants to get rid of.  I could see why... the guy hasn't worked for a year and he is super white and is trying to start a career rapping. Haha Also when we were talking to her, she saw that her t.v. was left on while it was playing Spongebob Squarepants and she was embarrassed because she was watching it. She even showed us some paintings she does because she is a champion artist! I asked her if she new about Adventure Time and told her I would definitely love to buy a painting off her. She should have it done by today! Don’t judge me! ;) Also going back to Mindy and Alexa….I talked to President Keyes about what our course of action should be, and he helped a ton. He told me to explain the principle of repentance and gave me the 1st Presidency clearance questions. So that night we tried to stop by but she wasn't home so at night I called her to explain. She answered and we talked and well... she got angry and said it was her personal business and that other people don’t need to know and stuff, and that she doesn't even know if wants to get baptized anymore. I told her we would talk more and let her know that I still love and care about her. That night was rough. All the weight of taking over the area and what had just happened absolutely crushed me. That night as I prayed with Elder Taylor I prayed for Mindy and I watched as tears sank into the chair as I knelt down and asked Heavenly Father for help like I never really had before. I definitely experienced that night a strong portion of what our Heavenly parents feel for us... it's definitely something indescribable. No worries though…prayers are being answered and I am fully confident that everything will turn out okay.

I am so blessed to be a missionary and to feel of our Savior's love for us. I absolutely know that Jesus Christ died for us and now lives again today. He heals families, individuals, and everyone that truly seeks Him. No, this is not easy sometimes. This mantle of responsibility can seem like too much to bear, but I know without a doubt that I am at the right place at the right time and that I have a Heavenly Father there to always lighten the load off my back. I love you guys so much and thank you mom for sending the package. I’m super excited for it!


Elder Ward

p.s. Mom wipe those tears away

p.s.s. I forgot to mention my 2 funny running stories this week! Friday we inducted Elder Taylor into the brotherhood with our early morning workout! We have to run a mile first and it was super rainy, so I figured we would just cancel that part... nope we didn't. The Zone Leaders made me run without shoes on. I felt like a hobo and yes it was still raining! I still beat them too! The other story…on Saturdays we go to a nature preserve and run on a 3 mile trail with the assistants and other elders every now and then. Don’t worry in this story I actually had shoes but it was super sweet! While I was running, I turned a corner and there was a deer 8 feet away from me just staring at me. It startled me a little but I stopped and just stared back. After about 5 seconds I took a step forward and it ran off. That day I actually saw another 2 while I was running, but not that close. It was so COOL!

p.s.s.s. I FORGOT TO MENTION MY VISA STUFF IS IN!!!! ...... again, I better have done everything right! If that’s the case I should be gone within 3 weeks.

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