Sunday, January 19, 2014

This Gospel Makes Me Happy


GO Collin!!!!!!!!!! That was just about one of the coolest letters I have ever read on my mission. [Collin’s first real letter from his mission.] I don’t know about you, Mom and Dad, but it sure is sweet seeing Collin out there. Haha And AVA, IT IS MY CAR NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom, let’s suss out the most important stuff. [Wow! That’s actually a real word. suss:  figure out —usually used with out; to inspect or investigate so as to gain more knowledge] Can you just send that to the Goodmans? I would send it to President but I think it would be a little bit better if we sent that to the Goodmans. Good job Mom inviting friends to the temple open house. That will be an experience and a half. I think that general authority guy hit it right on the nose! Remember Craig Christensen’s talk about his 5 year old son who was in the celestial room and he asked his dad why he had a weird/good feeling in his chest? And Elder Christensen took the time to kneel down to his son and explain what he was feeling? I know your friends will feel it along with everyone else who comes along to the open house... Hopefully we can just help them recognize what that feeling is!

Anywho WOW, I only got 8 days left. I will probably email next week because I still have companions and stuff who need email so I would not want to be unfair to them. So still email me I guess and I will probably share some last thoughts in my last letter home. 
Now let me tell you something Awesome that happened this week! I gained a stronger testimony of the Priesthood! On Wednesday we learned that R, a struggling convert to the Church got hit and run over by a drunk driver. That was a pretty big shock. He went to the hospital and got admitted out the day after. Anyways, we got a call from a member asking us to go visit him in his house and give him a blessing SO we did. When R opened the door I was a little shocked he was able to walk... he had a big gash on his head, torn up knuckles, bruised ribs and very sore knees. I still don’t know how anything was not broken inside his body but we gave him a blessing. Anyways, the next night he gave us a call and he sounded super happy and excited (especially for a guy who had just been run over by a car). He called just to let us know that our "prayer" worked and that he felt better and that the pain in his ribs and everything was gone. 

Another experience was with J.  She had not been able to make it to church the past 3 weeks because of a serious chest infection. She showed up last Sunday even though she was not doing well at all! When she talked you could tell she had at least 4 pounds of junk clogging her lungs, throat, and nose. We gave her a blessing after sacrament and then when she came out of relief society at the end of the day she said she felt fine and she was talking perfectly normal without the 4 pounds of junk. Isn't Heavenly Father GREAT?! 

Honestly, I think that those two experiences alone can explain how awesome my week went but, I just want to let you guys know that I am happy. J  I hope you guys are too. I find myself telling that to a lot of people especially as of late. I explain the whole reason I am here is because this gospel makes me happy and I know it will do the same for you. So stay happy over there in Arizona. You guys rock.

Elder Ward





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