Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Great Last Week!!


Today is a good day! I just finished a game of golf with the Goodmans and I am sending off one last email! I had a GREAT LAST WEEK! I prayed and asked every day for God's help to endure to the end and I still have time to go but Sunday was great! It was my last full day of missionary work and, of course... it decides to POUR DOWN! I was actually excited for the challenge so instead of walking with umbrellas like we normally do we BIKED ANYWAYS! Haha! I got soaked! I had to change in between dinner hour. Then after dinner my shirt was SOOOOOO gross. The top around my neck and shoulders turned brown from the water and sweat from pumping up and down New Plymouth hills. We had a few great last experiences—found a keen new investigator who just went through a bad divorce. We had a few other great miracles happen early in the week too. But I will tell you! On Sunday there were SO many people that came to church that we had been working with. Doing the math, there were a little over 20 individuals at church who we had been working with to bring back throughout my time here in the Naki. 

There have been a lot of great things that have happened, a lot of nice letters and notes and stuff like that... but yesterday the most meaningful one of all was Brother Coward, the Rock of a man who used to be the district president. He was announcing the success of our rescue visits (he and I got out to 11 families in one night). After that, he thanked me for everything I did in the branch and said I have been an outstanding missionary and that I would be greatly missed. He teared up a little which was pretty shocking coming from him. I love Brother Coward. 

It still has not really sunk in that I am finishing up my mission soon. Hopefully it won’t sink in when I am in public cuz I might be a mess. Anyways, I love you guys so much! I will see ya tomorrow. haha My tomorrow—your two days. I will travel back in time to catch up with you guys though. No worries. Have a good time until then! Thanks for your letter OOBS, and nice teeth Ava and Despicable Me 2! SOUNDS GREAT!


Elder Ward


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