Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Dear family,

I had an awesome 21st birthday! Lots of love and zero gifts really. OHHH WAIT NEVERMIND!!! I got a lava lava straight from Samoa and some Coa Coa Samoa to share with the family. I kinda kept the whole birthday thing on the down-low… not sure why.... and no, you sent the package too late. I won’t get that until I leave for home. SO yeah...

This week was a little bit testing in different ways, one way in particular was on Saturday. On Friday we had to have biked at least 12 miles... My butt, thighs, and everything was soooo sore! I was a little tired of not having set appointments and not being able to find new investigators. But things went well on Saturday. We had a few mini miracles and we were able to find a few keen people to teach. Anywho, God is pretty good at helping us be humble... I read later on in the Book of Mormon when Alma and Amulek had just watched all their converts burn in a big fire and they were sitting in prison for ages, when one day a lot of judges, lawyers, and other people came in and started cleaning them out (smiting their cheeks) until the very last one took his cheap shot at the two when God finally gave them strength and provided the miracle. I wondered why even they had to endure such torment but Isaiah 55:8-9, right?

Nothing too different is happening... I decided to finish the BOM one last time before I finish my mission so I started on Sunday last week and I made it to Alma chapter 21 as of today... So halfway through in a week. I think I will be able to finish by the time I finish.

Oh, on my birthday I got all that cool Samoan stuff and then we set up a BBQ Sunday dinner with an American family (the Riggles) and the Kleins, a family that is just starting to come back to church. They have 5 kids so it was quite the dinner! Oh and the Riggles have 3! Plus us made 14 of us total which seemed like a lot, but now saying it Mom is probably laughing saying, “Try doing 3 times that!” Anyways we had a great time. They even had hot wings which was so crazy for me because SPICY does not exist in New Zealand! I almost died the first bite but I really grew to love them. I think I smashed like 15 hot wings. Now I just fear some Spicy Hot #2 which will probably soon come. J I think I have grown to have more of a liking for spice out here. Not as bad as Uncle Ryan though... Wasn't he the one that had spicy sauce sent to him in his packages? Anyways after the BBQ we sat down and watched Mormon messages and the Riggles did a great small FHE and helped the Kleins feel the spirit! It was a great birthday for me.

Thanks for your letters everyone. I especially liked the pictures. Dad, I was a little disappointed that you had nothing to say about my infringement notice for $600. Just said "Operated Vehicle in a manner liable to cause annoyance."  I am so tempted to leave the country without paying that fine... NO worries though. I wouldn't want to leave with that sin on my head. Then I wouldn't be able to come back because there would be a warrant out for my arrest. Sounds great though 2/16 for my homecoming talk? haha Aimee Mouser [who will be giving her farewell talk the same meeting] is going to make my talk trash! Anyways love you guys a ton. Keep praying for me to finish strong and stay happy. I'm doing my best to not be sad about finishing.

Elder Ward


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