Sunday, September 22, 2013

Growing Leaps and Bounds in New Plymouth

Good to hear from everyone! I am not going to lie. The excitement from reading emails from family never has really worn on me... I look forward to hearing from you guys every week. Soooooo lots to talk about. Let’s start with Aubrey first. Sorry about your lip!!! That will hopefully stop you from kissin any boys for the next while J and shoot, dang, was Aubrey the one on the very right of that picture??? You have some buff thighs (especially getting first) I thought Wards are meant to be the small people in pictures.

Mom and Dad, this might sound really silly (yes it does and is not going to happen) but I had an idea that got cooked into my brain this week. So, I figure that since I would be finishing my mission at the end of January I would be going NUTS!!!!!!!! until school started and I definitely do not want to get back into the lazy old person that played way too many video/computer games and watched TV all the time. SO I was wondering if we could somehow work out that I end up getting released while in NZ and I can go live with members or Golf back in Tauranga and work a job picking kiwi fruit. They make about 120 a day (that’s probably $90 in American money). Then I would just stay for a good 3 months or so until school starts up and I can apply for BYU Idaho where all the lazy bums who didn't apply themselves like me go. J   I know this may sound a little out of it but I think it would be good for me. Plus I think the only way I would be able to make that happen is if you come get me. J And if you did come, I would like to stay as long as you like. The only problem is the $$$$ it would cost to do everything.

Anyways yes I will give it more thought. I am still torn...

 More news, yesterday I got SUPER SICK… probably the worst I have ever been on my mission. It was absolutely miserable to the point where I had to ask for permission to take it easy for the day... The first time ever on my mission where I had to stay at home because of illness... NOT FUN. But I woke up this morning with a somewhat miraculous recovery. I felt a lot better. Still a little bit of aches and pains but I am doing 1000 times better than yesterday.

Mom, thank you for continuing to pray for us to find more people to teach because things are still going AMAZING. I have started to figure out that the Lord has sent me here to just start things going—to start from ground zero and begin to build a solid foundation whether it's with the teaching pool, members’ trust, and a good solid attitude of working hard and positive. New Plymouth and most of the Taranaki zone has made leaps and bounds in the past 2 and half months. I haven't baptized a single soul down here but I am still grateful that I got to come down. Oh anyways, about finding more investigators, ON Saturday WE HAD A MEAN DAY!!!! We found a mom (brother M's daughter, the guy who played badminton with us.) Then we found C and his brother (a lost recent convert and his non-member brother) they came to church yesterday and then we found a young couple who just had a baby. The guy is a less active member who wants to come back and his wife is keen to be taught.

GOOD NEWS, remember the C family???? Their dad has finally picked a date for their son to get baptized. I believe it is October 28th!!! Not a convert baptism but it still means the world to me! I am so pumped they let us know when we went to their house on Friday. Anyway, I finally have my camera, my cord, and the right memory card so I will send some pictures. Loves you!


Elder Ward


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