Sunday, August 11, 2013

Our Branch DID IT AGAIN!!!

Kia Ora,

It sounds like everything is going back into FULL SWING!!! That’s awesome that Ava is having so many “10” days. haha When you’re a missionary there are a lot of “10” days, but to be quite honest, I would kill to have a “10” day every day. But now, looking back, I think what matters most is the full experience of my mission will always be a "10"—the good and the bad. Speaking of GOOD, transfers are happening this week!!! WhoooHOOOO!!! I try really hard not to look forward to transfers because a lot of missionaries catch that disease where every time transfers roll around if they could just get a new companion or just get a new area then everything will be just fine and dandy. But it’s just like Mormon’s scripture, “he that is filthy will be filthy still,” he that is unhappy will be unhappy still. In other words, he who isn't a good missionary still won’t be a good missionary and he who is unhappy serving will still be unhappy.

So yes, I did get your package Mom.  Thanks for your letter. You were definitely right and even though it is not completely all good I am still pretty happy with the improvements that have been made... So this week was a toughy! It started on Monday with me getting pretty dang sick. I went on tradeoff to the smallest branch in the whole mission!!! There are a sum total of 10 to 15 active members and a branch list that takes up half a piece of paper. I also went with one of the least enthusiastic elders I have ever met on my mission. Needless to say it was a rough night. The trade off went over night Monday to Tuesday and was extended to Tuesday so he could come to MLC mission leadership council with me. So we took the 3-hour drive up to New Plymouth with each other. On the way up I had a good conversation with this elder (and by the way he HATES ZONE LEADERS). I told him I thought he was a great missionary and he had great teaching skills and that he had power to do a lot of good things (which was all true by the way), but I pretty bluntly told him that he needed to QUIT COMPLAINING about his companion, the area, and everything else... 

I got reunited with Elder Lamb on Tuesday night!!! We were so happy to see each other so we reminisced and told stories and had a good time Tuesday night. Then we went to MLC the next day which was another really cool experience!!! Man, I love President Rudd! I learned a lot about revelation and how the Lord works... I think we all came to the conclusion that now that we are here we can't run the mission the Auckland way or the Wellington way but that we need to do it the Lord’s way... And the Lord’s way will come through whatever President Rudd is inspired to do. I also recognized that President Rudd can't be doing things how President Lekias did things. I learned a lot. It was cool.

Other really exciting news is our BRANCH did it AGAIN!!! We had 108 people attend!!! We had 101 last week which everyone thought was a fluke but boy there was a good spirit in the branch yesterday... especially too because a family with 3 boys moved in from Utah. The dad is SUPER FAITHFUL. He took a 71 percent pay cut just to come down here. hahaha I feel he will probably be in the district presidency in no time—at least the branch presidency (we’re missing a 2nd counselor). There are BIG THINGs happening in the Church around the world. All these new missionaries are tremendous!!! AT MLC we had a big board with all the areas that are going to start getting double covered and areas that aren't being covered that are going to start being covered! Elder Goodman, the mission finance guy, (I believe the job Trevor did) has quite the job finding as many missionary apartments that he needs to.

Anyway, life is good. C and C are still awesome, still progressing. We had a big FHE with them and the C family (the less active family) at the C’s house. (We asked them for help fellowshipping C and C) so it works out perfect. C and C have friends at church now and the C's have more pressure to stay ACTIVE!!! Anyways hope you guys have a good rest of the Sabbath day. Let everyone know I love them heaps.


Elder Ward
FHE at our branch mission leader's house

The Elders in our flat...

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