Sunday, January 20, 2013

Talking to Everyone that Breathes

January 20, 2013


Okay mom, here are some answers to some of your questions. Elder Denham is Aussie. He has been on his mission for about a year and a half. We are driving a car and it took a little more than 6 hours to get from Auckland to Gisborne…probably seven. There are two other sets of missionaries besides us, but for the most part we are kind of exiled out here. In fact, President had to fly down to do interviews. We’re that far away, but I will let you know more about it later. Thank you everyone for your letters to me. It means a lot even if it’s a small paragraph about your skiing experience. Oh, and sorry mom, I forgot one of your questions. I did get grandma and grandpa’s letter but I have not gotten the package. I think I will just get it at the next zone meeting in February.

So I have a lot to say! The area is great! I can see why it gets the rep that it does and a lot of the members have some bad feelings towards missionaries, but with all the missionaries serving in Gisborne at the moment I can see it starting to lift. Me and Elder Denham of course have very little people to teach or had very little people to teach, but we had a great week! We knew that in order to find people, we were definitely going to have to talk to everyone that breathes.  I will admit I hate jumping out of a car and running people down and I prefer tracting a whole lot more, but it just makes sense to talk to people who are already in front of you rather than guessing if they are home or not. Anyway, so I told Elder Denham that I hate it and I need help with it. It turns out he hates it as well. So we started a new game where we just take turns and we pick or dare each other to go talk to people... It's really affective!!! Even the people that might be drunk or littered with tatoos that we would normally pass, the other missionary dares the other to go talk to them! So the first day I brought the game up, two bone thugs were walking down the street and elder Denham said, “I will start. I pick them...” When I saw who he was pointing to, I just let out a moan and said, "Oh Elder don’t make me do it!" So yeah… that’s our story. It has definitely helped me overcome my fears and make talking to strange people a little more fun.

Lets see…what else…I am a little jealous of the volleyball. That sounded pretty dang awesome. Trevor, let me know about home teaching Jessica Barney. That is really weird. Also, Collin giving a talk?! I hope he puts in the not being worthless part. He will make an outstanding missionary and I am sad that I missed out on hearing his talk. Tell him I felt the spirit coming from the church building in Gilbert all the way to Gisborne…his talk was that good!

Lets see…miracles that happened this week…our ward mission leader’s girlfriend is preparing herself to be baptized. She has been waiting for a long time and she has been going to church the past 3 months pretty consistently but the previous missionaries weren’t really teaching her. We met with our ward mission leader this last week and he was actually pretty on top of things in the area and what not, and he asked us to start teaching his girlfriend. So yes we do have some baptisms coming up for the month of February already, so that will be AWESOME!!!

Me and Elder Denham are getting along great. He is a great missionary and works hard. He is a bigger guy and he is half Tongan. Mom, you can rest at night knowing that I am going to be protected with him.   

We had interviews with President this week as well. He was really sympathetic and he explained to me why he put me here. He feels that me and Elder Denham really needed to be together and also he needed two experienced missionaries who wouldn't quit in the missionary graveyard of Gisborne. It was a really good interview especially too because he started with us first out of 230 missionaries. After interviewing all those missionaries, I would imagine it would get a little hard to be unique and exciting. He also showed a VERY GOOD VIDEO CLIP, “Missionary work and the atonement of Jesus Christ”. It has Henry B. Eyring and Jeffrey R. Holland on it. COLLIN you HAVE to watch this NOW!!!

That is all. I will see you in a year! Love you guys heaps!

Elder Ward


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