Sunday, January 6, 2013

Don't ask me....ask Him

Dear Dad, Mom, Trevor, Collin, Aubrey, and Ava,

Let me first start by saying…dad I did see the picture of me blocking that guy, but I didn't see the awesome scripture mastery well placed right behind it. Way to be creative! That is really funny. Also, thank you mom for your tender love and care and for sending the package.  This week I will tell you was AWESOME, but honestly I don't have my journal on me and am having a really hard time remembering all the things that made it so good.

First off I need to tell you in New Zealand fleas are a problem and I guess they are bigger or more powerful here or something because they don't just get on animals. When I did a trade off in Pukekohe I got destroyed and there are some pretty good sized lumps up and down my back and my legs. A good relief system was turning the shower water up really hot (the blaster) and spraying the bites on my back and legs. Then it hurt my feelings when Kanahanas daughter called me a flea bag. :) It could be karma for egging on dogs in New Zealand because I sure do hate them now. Speaking of zone leader had a sweet angel experience where a dog was running at him full speed and then got punted by an angel in the face right above the throat. The Lord protects his obedient missionaries. :)

In other news...if you can tell Terri I said congratulations on her mission call and YES double check if she is really going to The Ohio! That is sweet! Also, please have Collin let Mariah know that I LOVE HER STINKIN GUTS!!! I just got her Adventure Time t-shirt this week and I almost had a heart attack full of joy. I will write her today to thank her too.

Then...what else...lets see... it sounds like you had a good time in California. That's weird that you have church at 1:00 now but that makes me happy that I should be getting letters on time from now on. Something cool that happened was that our church just got switched from 2:30pm to 8:30am. I don't think that could be anymore different. I was really worried that a lot of our investigators would not show up to church, but we actually had 6 come!!! It was perfect too because it was a really, really good fast and testimony meeting! Kanahana and Micaella both bore their testimonies and I did as well. The Spirit was so thick you could cut it with a knife! Kanahana's daughter even shed a few tears while her mother was bearing her testimony and that was a great turning experience for her recognizing the spirit. It made me realize I am really going to miss all the people in this ward and that the past 7 months have been priceless! It also got me thinking a little more about you guys coming to pick me up when I am done. I know it is a little bit of a hassle and expensive and a little unfair to the rest of the family for you to come down. It realized though that if you pick me up I will get the chance to go back and visit a lot of the places that I served in and see the people I got to teach. Still a long ways away though, so we wont dwell on it. :)

Let's see though...I think one of the coolest experiences this week is with Elder Loffhagen in the 12 week training program. It is designed to basically just have the trainee become the trainer/senior companion. At the very end of week 12, not only did I give him all the responsibility of planning and leading in lessons, but I even pretended at points that he was training me and that I had no idea what I was doing. I think he got a little frustrated at points and struggled, but I told him it's not going to be easy this week and you might even hate me at points but you're going to learn a ton. I was right! One day specifically a lot of appointments fell through and we were left with nothing to do for the last half hour before dinner. He didn't have a clue on what we should do or who we should go visit and he asked me who we should go visit and I just shrugged my shoulders and gave him the look, like sorry I need you to learn how to do this. He got a little frustrated there and named a few names asking me whether it would be good to go see them, and I just kindly suggested that he shouldn't ask me but he should ask Him (pointing heavenwards). So we said a prayer and he had me go to Gypsy Moth to a house where we had previously taught a less active family with two unbaptized children. Anyway, long story short, we went to go knock on the door and the parents weren't home, but we talked to their oldest son. Then his mMrs. came out and we taught her and made her a new investigator. We just had another lesson with her yesterday and it was the most powerful lesson I have ever seen him teach/take the lead in. I am proud of my boy.

My scripture thought for you is Romans 8:16, "the spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit that we are the children of God"... I know we all as a family believe that there is a God in Heaven with a plan for our whole family and He wants us to be happy. If we truly want to KNOW or FEEL that he is really there, then we need to pray and ask if he is and if he does care about us. We had a cool experience teaching a lady about the Spirit and how it works and she couldn't quite grasp how the spirit can work that way. One of our fellowships, an 18 year old Samoan guy, piped in and said it's like Vodafone (New Zealand phone company like Verizon). Vodafone is just one company and has only one building, but it's signals hit and cover all of New Zealand. God's Spirit covers the whole Earth. We just need to be in areas where we can receive better service whether it's on our knees, in the scriptures, at Church, and of course through temple attendance.

Elder Ward

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