Sunday, January 13, 2013

I'm in Gisborne!!!!!

Dear Family,

I don’t have heaps of time but that is okay even though I have a million and one things to respond to but I just don’t have the time. Good job on everything everyone is doing, and YES the temple work did make my day! No, I did not get the package on time which stinks because I got some big news!!! I'm IN GISBORNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (giz-bin) is how it sounds. Elder Denham and I got double shifted in because the past missionaries....let's just say....needed a shake up. The beautiful land of Gizzy is cool because I see the first rays of sunlight for the day if that makes sense. You should look it up on the internet!  I am far east enough that I see the first rays of the rising sun before the other 7 billion people in the world. So that makes me feel special.

It was really sad to leave my precious Redhill Ward. I received some notes and some heartfelt goodbyes and I gave some last gifts and notes. I went to go say bye to the Lemalus. I guess Sister Lemalu forgot the rule. I stuck my hand out to shake her hand but she just gave me a big hug and looked a little offended that I would only offer my hand... I hate how awkward it is to have any physical contact with women now. Anyway, when I got called I got paired with Elder Denham and I was told I was not going to be a district leader anymore and that I was going to be the senior companion in Gisborne. Honestly, I didn't have a good attitude. I thought I had sinned or something and honestly Satan was trying really hard to get in my head and tell me that only worthless missionaries go there (cuz it's kinda the joke place of the mission). Anyway, transfer meeting was good and I actually ran into president at transfers and  he explained a little bit of the situation there and it encouraged me and made me excited to go.

We got in on Thursday night and well the flat was dirty, smelly, and just gross. The area book had dust piled on it. There was not even a note telling who the bishop is or what time church is or anything. Oh, and we had no food and no money to buy food. We found some movies though (haha) and some weird rotten pumpkins.  

Anyway, the next day I fasted...kinda easy to do since we did not have any food.  I just fasted to love the area, the people, and my new companion. It was good, even though it was really, really hot and I got kinda dehydrated. We started from scratch and visited formers and members. It turned out to be an alright day.

My birthday was good. I forgot until like after my shower. Then I remembered, oh yeah... its my birthday. We went out and worked and then rewarded ourselves with some Dominos pizza. It was just a good rewarding day. It honestly didn't even feel like my birthday at all and I didn't even really feel bummed that nothing special happened on it. Oh actually, President called and he and his family sang happy birthday to me real fast. What else...oh yeah...on Sunday I met the ward. There are some interesting people in this place. It's going to be challenging, but in all honesty (and I'm not just saying this to put mom's nerves at ease) I am happy and confident that good things are going to happen here. Then I'm going to the Cook Islands. :)


Elder Ward

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