Sunday, September 2, 2012

I Couldn't Be Happier...

Beloved Whanau,

I can't believe Trevor is 10 days into his ARK. Elder Taufa back in Missouri taught me that one ARK = the last 40 days and 40 nights of the mission. Speaking of him…has he stopped by? He is done with his mission now and he lives in Mesa, Arizona. I gave him our address and said my mom will feed you. :) Knowing Tongans, he shouldn't pass up any offer that has to do with food. haha Speaking of which… a member in our bishopric, Brother Tauki'aho, is Tongan and he came out with us to visit all our investies before church. When we visited Tobias Fox (the guy with the dog that bit me when I first got here), I warned him not to pet the dog or it would bite him... He just laughed and said, "If that dog bite me... I BITE HIM." I also forgot to mention that that dog and I have become quite good friends now. I have to play tug of war with him every time I go over but I can pet him now without him getting angry or biting me.

Anyway, this week is tranfers week. As my subject line said, I’m a little transfer trunky but I'm feeling like the Lord is going to want me to stay here a little longer. This week I got to go on trade offs with the zone leaders and it was great! It's crazy how many miracles followed Elder Barney wherever he went. Obedience to God's laws whether they are commandments or mission rules brings a lot of power, and having two missionaries who have that same desire to GO and DO brings even more power. I'm so glad I decided to work hard and be obedient during the pest control days... to be honest whenever we are less diligent or less obedient, IT FEELS NASTY. If I could stay diligent doing something as pointless as killing bugs, I’m pretty sure I can stay diligent helping others achieve eternal life, the greatest of all gifts. (D&C 14:7) I shared this with my companion by writing it in my journal which he reads while I’m in the shower, which I think helped him to be a little more motivated this week. We did splits twice and are desperately trying to find people to teach. We found a few people and even a WAY less active family that we have started to become friends with. :) I think the work should definitely pick back up this upcoming week. I'm just a little bit bummed because one of our best member fellowships, Percy King, left town to get a job! He helped us out pretty much every day and was an awesome help! He is Maori, 20 years old, and is a Rugby League Legend. He and I were pretty good buds and it hurt to say goodbye to him yesterday. The good news though is he got a job so he could pay for his mission. He plans to leave midway through next year.

Other news... lets see, oh YEAH!!! Micaella, man she is so Cool!!! I have told her a lot about Joey and Terri both and I was so glad to think about having her talk to Terri (and by me I mean the Spirit)! I challenged her to read the whole BOM and I told her I would join in too. She has read from 2nd Nephi all the way to Ether in 3 weeks. Not bad... but not good enough! :) I finished the BOM 3 days ago. I think it’s the 6th time around, (3rd on my mission). Oh wait, maybe the 5th time around. Anyway, family this Church is so true!!! I bore my testimony in sacrament meeting and quoted 2 Nephi 33: verse 10 or 11 I think??? Man even though this is probably the most difficult my mission has been, I couldn't be happier knowing that I’m doing what the Lord wants me to do.

Your letters were all awesome and thanks for your love and support. I’m sorry about the spiritual filth and man that physical filth description was pretty dang descriptive and funny! Aannnnnndddd I hesitate telling you this to get you all anxious, but I did send the package and it should be there someday within the week. I tried to copy a sweet CD that Percy gave me of the Utai brothers for Dad but it didn't work so sorry! Happy Father’s Day though!!! It was NZ Father’s Day yesterday.


Elder Ward

p.s. I love you Ava.

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