Sunday, September 9, 2012

Absolutely Coolest Priesthood Experience Ever

Dearest Whanua,

(Whanua= family in Maori) Haha stupid Moxie! They taught me good things but stink at killing bugs. You might as well fire them by the sounds of it. My man stench could probably scare bugs away better than they can. I am pretty sure our contract with Moxie is over now unless you renewed it, but if you want to switch I would suggest Blue Sky. They probably do the best. That's enough about that though. So guess what?! I was right. The Lord did want me to serve another Transfer with Elder Tafiti.

Micaella's Baptsim-Elder Ward and Elder Manewell
Awh man… I’m kinda at a loss of what to talk about. I’ll start with Micaella! That's cool that she is talking to Collin, Terri, and now Anna and Mariah. She was baptized this weekend which was a pretty cool experience. Collin should be able to find some pictures of it posted on Micaella’s Facebook. Then I got to confirm her yesterday. I will tell you that was one of the absolute coolest Priesthood experiences of my life. First, it was cool giving the Holy Ghost to someone who has waited so long to have it be their constant companion. Halfway through the prayer I realized it wasn't me talking at all. I noticed it when I promised her that according to her faith, prayers, and example her parents would one day accept the gospel in their lives. It was when that was said that I realized the significance of those promises Heavenly Father can make. Grandpa Peart knows all about that as a Patriarch. It's so awesome that I have awesome Priesthood holders for examples. Whether it’s my brothers, dad, or my grandpas, I have so many reasons to strive to be like them. Thank you for all that you do for me.

So, you’re right dad. I kinda forget now what you quoted exactly about obedience, but it sure is right. This week I read a talk titled The 4th Missionary. I remember you mentioning complete surrender and that is mentioned in this same talk as well. Basically in a sense, the 1st and 2nd missionaries are the disobedients and the 3rd and 4th are the obedients. In this talk the 3rd is obedient, works hard, baptizes many, and serves with all his might and strength, but withholds in his mind and his heart. The 4th missionary gives complete surrender. The way of the 4th is the easiest. Why though??...because they allow themselves to progress and change. If you withhold your heart, you withhold blessings. Because the Lord can't work with something he doesn't have, it's up to us to give it to him. You should look this talk up. It's centered for missionaries, but it opens your eyes on obedience.

Yesterday also was a sweet day because we went to a less active member’s house to kick there butt to church, but her friend that stays at the house asked if we would come in and have "studies" with her. We taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ and committed her and her niece to baptism on the 29th! Our teaching pool was kinda at zero at the start of this week, but we did heaps of finding this week. Anyway, one cool miracle that happened this week was we left a members house and these kids came running down the street… WAIT! WAIT!!! We were kinda in a hurry, but they asked if we could come over and talk to their mom. That’s how we found that less active member and her friend Ann Marie. The one that is set for the 29th.

This is kinda a lame letter. I will have a better one for next week. You’re right…I can help my companion finish strong this last transfer. I know I can do a lot more for him. I really do love him even though this is the most tired I've been my whole mission. Things will get better. Especially because I'm totally calling it now haha... but I’m going to Nuie (New Way). It’s a Polynesian island that’s part of our mission. I heard it's the coolest place to go. Its about 1500 miles away and there are only about 1500 people that live on the island. Sorry this letter wreaks as bad as the jersey I sent Collin. I hope all is well. Know that I love you guys heaps and think and pray about you a ton. Feel free to ask me any questions that have been on your mind I will answer open and honest. Be good, read your scriptures, go to church, love others, go to the temple, be obedient, have faith, hope, and charity, follow the prophet, be good examples, bear your testimony, smile, never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved, honor your priesthood, and always strive to be more like Jesus Christ…He is the man.

Elder Ward

p.s. Something cool I heard this week…There is a million and 1 different reasons to be worthy of the Holy Ghost, but one really important reason is by doing so it's literally an act of service to others. I learned that from Micaella’s talk that she gave after she was confirmed. When she said that, she mentioned her gratitude towards those in her life that were worthy of the Spirit. It brightened her day and made her happy. When she went home where the Spirit wasn't really there, she would long to have it back. I'm grateful for years and years of service my family and friends have given me by being worthy of the Spirit. Keep up the good work and I hope you can keep that perspective with you when it comes to keeping the Holy Ghost with you a priority in your life. Aren't you just that much more excited to take the sacrament next week now?!

p.s.s. sorry that was a long p.s. now for serious I love you guys

Micaella's Baptism
Elder Ward
Elder Tafiti, Micaella, Elder Ward


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