Sunday, July 22, 2012

Most Eventful Week Yet

Dear Familia,

Before anything gets said…MOM, YES I need that camera charger big time!!! Also I need to request socks… not those worthless church socks but those good athletic socks. I like the all black ones with the small white circles at the bottom. Those are the most durable and are the ones I wear the most. To be safe, 8 pairs would be good. I will only take out half now, so I won’t lose them all because socks are slowly become a highly treasured possession of mine now. OH…and I’m not sure where exactly you can find them, but a sister in the Missouri Mission had a super awesome Mormon messages DVD. If you could somehow come across 1 or 2 of those, that would be so appreciated!!! Those small video clips invite the spirit so well. It would help a ton!

So anyways… MY WEEK

Monday was a sweet p-day. I finally got reunited with ping pong! The Tongan ward was playing that and volleyball and boy was that a good p-day! It was sad at first. I completely forgot how to play, but eventually I got it back! A lot of the Tongans would be talking to each other and glance over to me and I would only recognize the word Palangie... I hope they were in awe with my mad skills. ;)

Tuesday. You remember mom how you were asking about biking??? Well Elder Manewell finally got back on so we started riding bikes around. Anyways…it turns out that in NZ the bike’s brakes are switched so right equals front brake and left equals back... I figured that out going down a steep hill!! I totally flipped head over heels and slid a good ways down the hill. I HATE BIKES... I nicknamed my bike stupid. :)

Wednesday was crazy! We started out the morning committing a sweet couple Mike and Linda to be baptized and married (opposite order) on August 25th. Then around 12 o’ clock we were supposed to trade off with the zone leaders. We went to the street they told us to meet them at and they didn't show up for 15 minutes.  I was getting frustrated because we had an appointment at that time... so we decided to check back at the flat if they were there. When we turned the corner down on our street PRESIDENT LEKIAS was there!!! So long story short… me, Elder Alder, and President Lekias went to go teach one of our investigators, Teinei (Tane - ee). Pressure is on by now right? Don’t forget we have to sing... and well, bad news, Elder Alder is terrible at singing too!! The song, “Families Can be Together Forever”, I don’t think could have been sung any worse ever since it was first added to the hymnbooks. It was so bad that President laughed in the middle of the song! Anyways, the lesson went well. She wants to get baptized and understands its key in fulfilling the Plan of Salvation. She just needs to get married! We’re shooting for August 25th with her too.

Also that day after that lesson, President was about to take us home to eat a lunch but as we passed a street, I remembered a good referral on a street we passed by. I asked President to turn around and we ended up going back. Rhianon answered the door and we taught her and her partner the POS too! IT was super sweet! On the way back President Lekias said, “Now which is better.. eating lunch or teaching that lesson???” Easiest question ever!!

Thursday I got attacked by another dog... don’t worry it was just a little ankle biter, but I gave the thing a good kick. :) Don’t tell Ava. She might be a little devastated.

Those are my crazy experiences! Here are some awesome people were teaching and are progressing well!

Remember Sydney and her son? Well we helped her gain a testimony of Jesus Christ. She prayed about it and felt the spirit big time! She should be getting baptized either next week, Saturday, or the week after that... depending if she makes it to church.

Micaella is 17. She wants to get baptized really bad but she can’t until she is 18. Her parents just won’t let her... She is going to be baptized September 8th.

Daisy, Chever, and Zachary A sweet family that we haven't even really taught a whole bunch. They are super hard to catch but they always show up to church on Sunday unexpectedly. :) They should be getting baptized together in about 2 weeks time.


Sam and Tasha. Sam is a less active member and Tasha is a non member but they are progressing big time! Tasha wants to get baptized and knows the church is true! We are teaching them about forgiveness and the atonement! They are doing so well!

Those are just a few of the people we teach and meet with week to week... these people are my life and I love them to death!!! I have a sweet picture of Haylen and the triplet’s baptism printed out so I will try and send that this week with my letters home! Collin, I’m doing research on that rugby jersey! I have some people who have hook ups! Whatever I send you should be pretty dang cool but you BETTER LOVE IT!!!


Elder Ward

p.s. NO UPDATE ON THE TEMPLE??? Give me some good news next week! IF you don’t have any then repent and GO!!!

P.s.s. I did read that talk mom…PERFECT

p.s.s.s. I also read the story, The Master’s Hand... I think dad might have shown me this one but its a poem talking about an auction with a worn violin. People place 1, 2, and 3 dollars but before it sells a man gets up and plays a beautiful song that puts people to tears... then it goes to 1000, 2000, 3000 dollars! Awh man can you send me that one next week? It’S SOO PERFECT and I'm not allowed to look it up


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