Sunday, July 15, 2012

I Couldn't Be Any Happier

It is a beautiful day 7000 miles away. I think I might have mentioned the distance last week, but it still blows my mind that I am so far away from you guys! Oh, and I am embarrassed to report but at the same time a little blown away that me and Collin are still so darn close. All of a sudden, Friday Night while I was lying in bed, I totally was thinking about watching the 4th season of 24 but that’s not what missionaries need to ponder on for too long so I mentally nuked it out of my brain (jack Bauer couldn't stop that one). I’m glad everything is well at home!

So this week hmmm... that family I talked about last week we tried to visit Monday but they weren't home and we haven't been back since, but we are planning to go see them tonight. Haha…. I love trying to follow and listen to the Spirit. IT’S HARD!!! Sometime this last week we were walking to an appointment and I glanced at this house and I felt like we should go there. I pushed it off and kept walking. Then I got angry that I didn't listen so I said, "ELDER WAIT!!!" He asked if it was a prompting and I just said, “I DONT KNOW!” He just kinda laughed at me because I was getting flustered. Long story short…we knocked on the door and we woke up an old grandma. I told her we felt like we needed to stop by and she asked why? I told her we were representatives of Jesus Christ and we had a message about the restored gospel. She closed the door, but I still felt good as I left her house knowing that I made the Lord happy whether it was a prompting or not.

Funny things that happened this week... it was Elder Manewell’s birthday and well he is a Starcraft nerd. We planned to visit one of our investigators, Micalla. She is 17 almost 18 and she has wanted to get baptized for about a year but her parents wont let her. But she is already set to be baptized September 8th! Anyways, we sat down for a lunch with her and her member friend Levi and she is a champion BAKER. At Elder Manewell’s request she made a Starcraft cake with a Zerg base and other things on it... It was pretty funny! A lot of investigators and less active members that were helping invited us over for cake and other foods and by the end of the day…I FELT NASTY! I probably had 4 different cakes and 3 different dinners...

Also another funny thing…we took Tama, a Maori 16 year old investigator, to a fireside last night and there was a lady who sang that did awesome!!! It was really funny though because after she was done, he started clapping really loud (not knowing that never happens... ever). His family and well everyone with him got a pretty good kick out of that. I found it hard to stop laughing too. OH and hey…I was finally reunited with my MTC companion, Elder Wachob, for just a few minutes! It was cool!

We had a good week teaching wise. I had someone get mad at me because…well this guy is less active and he has 4 daughters (1 that needs to get baptized), and we went over to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. We pretended that the floor was lava or SIN and we had to get to the other side of the room to make it back to Heavenly Father and a big happy face. If they touched any part of the floor, they couldn't make it. So we laid down stepping stones (paper with the words faith, repentance, baptism, Holy Ghost and enduring to the end) on the floor and explained each one as we went. Anywho… the father was drunk and he got real mad while I was teaching and said it was too advanced (I was teaching repentance). The spirit left and I did my best to stay patient with the guy. He almost kicked us out but he ended up leaving instead. We taught to the end of the lesson and helped all the girls, ages 5 to 9, understand the basics of the most important thing they could ever know in their whole entire lives and bring them the most joy. The Father came back at the end and I got a little prideful as the five year old took every step and explained each principle and ordinance PERFECTLY!!! I apologized to the father and told him I was new and still figuring things out.  He agreed that I still have a lot of learning to do, but before we left he did give us some bacon and egg pie.

Those are just some stories. I’m a little short on time, but life is good, missionary work is awesome, and I couldn’t be any happier! Collin, you still need to write me ya bum!  If you have time for Jack Bauer, you have time for me! Other than that, be good and go to the TEMPLE!!! How is that going by the way? I better hear a good report from all of you'se.


Elder Ward #2

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