Sunday, July 8, 2012

I'm Starting to Feel More and More Like a Kiwi Every Day!

Dear Palangies [white people]!

Greetings from 7000 miles away!!! I am happy to report that this week got a lot better! I am starting to feel more and more like a Kiwi every day! In fact, you'll love this. The tuesday after P day we did exchanges with our district leader and his companion I went with his companion, Elder Sua. All the leadership in the mission are assigned cars so I got to drive the car because we were covering his area and Elder Sua has a restricted license because he is from Australia so yeah! I DROVE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD!!! It wasn't too bad but Elder Sua was making fun of me because I looked so focused when I drove. :) So yes, I’m getting used to being different. It’s actually pretty sweet in fact. I carry some American money in my backpack to show to little kids and stuff they flip out and say that’s crazy!!! and they make fun of our penny because it's only worth 1 cent. (Their lowest coin is worth 10.)

Anywho, you guys should be grateful for the heat! haha Just kidding. Nobody should be grateful for that hot! Come midday here it’s perfect outside! The only time it gets a little tricky is at night. I don’t know why but we practically freeze to death.

So I will give you my day by day.

Monday we played volleyball with the Tongan Ward. I had no idea what people were saying the whole time but it was still lots of fun! It was pretty legit ball too.

Tuesday was my first driving experience. Oh, also Mom, I forgot to mention, no, I’m not a biking master. I have rode bikes for only one week of my mission. That was only once in Missouri. :) Elder Manewell and I have walked (crutched) everywhere because of his hurt foot. It’s still in a moon boot and we’re going to the doctor again tomorrow.

Wednesday I spent the whole day with Elder Sua. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention they are Samoan speaking so half the people we visited only spoke Samoan, so I would just draw pictures to entertain kids while Elder Sua taught a lesson. We also gave a blessing and I had to pronounce this crazy Samoan name, but anyway, his wife is a member and the guy isn't but after the blessing he told Elder Sua, “You know, this church brings a lot of happiness, I want to know more.” So that was a real cool experience. Even though I had no idea what was going on I still felt the spirit working with him. :)

Thursday we were out talking with everyone in the morning and I talked to a lady out in her yard and she said she wasn’t interested but I asked her if she knew anyone that would be interested and she said somebody at the opposite end of the street on the corner at the very end had been waiting to hear a message. I asked the lady if she knew them and she said no... (So my first thought is that this lady is bonkers, right?) I didn't think much of it but as we walked down the street closer to the house the more I thought you know what if she is right. What if they have been waiting? So we went and knocked on the door and a lady comes to the door with a phone in her hand and I just told her about the lady saying that they had been waiting to hear our message and it turns out it’s a sweet family who used to take lessons from missionaries but they all of a sudden stopped coming over and she happily invited us over for tonight! MIRACLE!!!

Friday I read from Jesus the Christ about the atonement and Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and then later I read all of the kids New Testament stories so from super advanced to primary-aged reading. I felt so much love toward Christ and his life. It was a cool experience.

Saturday we stopped a guy in the street who had just left the hospital. His wife had a miscarriage. We testified that families can be forever and gave him a Plan of Salvation pamphlet. It was pretty much the best street contact I have ever experienced. I felt so much love for this random stranger as we taught and prayed with him on the street. We only left him with our number but I definitely know he felt the spirit.

Sunday. We have been teaching a lady from Israel whose English is … eehhh... okay, anywho, she has a 5-year-old son with no father and this kid is a handful! He punches his mom, calls her nasty cuss words, and has no respect at all. He likes me. He even came up and held my hand when we took them to Haylen’s baptism so it was up to me to control him at church... I think I experienced what most moms experience on Sundays with their young kids. So if this sounds familiar you’re probably a mom! During sacrament, he was talking really loud and jumping all over the place! We gave him some stuff to draw with and he ended up drawing on the benches and well... he screamed if you tried to stop him from doing something and I didn't hear a thing from any of the speakers. Eventually, his mom just let him go in the hallway. Relief!!! That’s when I realized we were singing the closing song, “Love at Home.” Good job Mom, and I am so grateful for all you have done over the years and sorry for all those sacrament meetings you probably almost lost your mind.

I love being a missionary and I love all of you guys. Tell Trevor that those were some sweet pics.


Elder Ward #2

P.S. Collin, ya Egg! YOU PROMISED!!! Also, I am doing work to find you something. We might have to ditch the All Blacks jersey idea because they are like 200 dollars, but I did talk to Percy (a sweet Maori guy) who told me about these sweet 30 dollar shirts with Maori designs on them. He might get a few for me to buy off him. I love you only if you write me back this week!!!! Just kidding but for serious. Also, tell everyone I said hey and give them my love.

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