Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Clean Your Ears Out and Learn to Listen

Elder Ward and Elder Wachob
MTC District

Well…let’s get right into things! To answer your questions, Elder Wachob is going to New Zealand too, so it is just the three of us.  We are leaving Feb 6th!!! ON MONDAY!!! It is kinda blowin my mind. So I'm not sure when I will call, just be ready. I will try and do it around 3 to 7 pm during my layover in Los Angeles (you know for the childrens). I cannot tell you how excited I am to get there and I'm really trying to force some serious enthusiasm about the 21 hour flight (with layovers). It is also going to be super crazy because of the 20 hour time difference. So I will arrive in New Zealand probably sometime on Wednesday. As a joke in my missionary planner for Tuesday I just wrote in really big letters TIME TRAVEL. It makes it sound really exciting...

So if my letter last week sounded like I was having a hard time at all, it's probably because I was. (Don’t worry, I still haven't cried)... It wasn't too serious. I was just starting to question if I was “born ready”(Connor’s motto)... Don't worry though because I figured out the problem this Monday. I got to go to the Health Clinic! Don’t worry…I don’t have ingrown toenails or MRSA (like Trevor). I just had about a pound of ear wax sitting in my right ear. They put a nifty squirt gun with hot water and shot it into my ear to clean it out... it kinda hurt! But, all is well! I have improved and grown sooo much since last week. I have learned to better listen to my investigators, listen to the spirit and most importantly listen to my Heavenly Father. So, the moral of the story is this life is TOO HARD if you can't learn to clean your ears out every once in awhile. We were all born ready not because of how we were made, but who we were made by.

Dad I got your letter and you talked about mom and how she does so much... You did not mention anything about how you have been doing on your challenge I gave you. YOU BETTER be taking me seriously and that is all that needs to be said. Oh, and thank you for the poem. You are right, I LOVE IT, except it printed out with all these weird ":?:"L? thingies within the text.   Don’t worry though because I have kept a copy of the whole thing in 2 Nephi 31:20 or I guess next to chapter 31. Oh, and good news father…sometimes I will be walking around the MTC and I can easily picture friends and family walking through the courtyard, studying in classrooms, or singing called to serve shoulder to shoulder with me and 2000 others. I picture people like Trevor, Brent, Jackson, Travis, and Joey.(boys who are currently serving missions)  But you would be happy to know, I can easily see a few of your priests walking next to me here like Seth Bloomfield, Brooks Dillard, and of course Collin. :) I know you can and will do amazing things with them.

I absolutely love it here! I’m learning so much and it is getting A TON easier as I strive to be the best that I can be, and it definitely helps that I can actually teach lessons now! I love and miss you guys! Be good!

Elder Ward (Connor)

p.s. Mom, I need a new set of scriptures and a copy of my mission call.
p.s.s. Today is the 50th annual somethin somethin of the MTC and I've heard rumors of the first presidency coming for the devotional!!! Fingers CROSSED
p.s.s. NOTHING makes me happier to know that you are all going to the temple... NOTHING! it really is the house of the Lord. I also got to finish reading the BOM again in the celestial room there today. It was one of the most AMAZING experiences of my life. I felt the spirit so strong and I KNOW the BOM is true. 5 4 3 bye  (MTC computer clock countdown..I guess his 30 minutes was up)

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