Tuesday, January 24, 2012

First Week...REE DOO DOO Diculous!


       All I have to say is this first week has been REE DOO DOO diculous! I knew that this was going to be hard, but it definitely exceeded my expectations. Mom and dad, you were right. My laziness and going to bed in the very late hours of the night did not help me prepare... but don’t worry, all is well and I’m back on a good schedule! Thank goodness for Moxie pest control and Coach Vee for teaching me how to be a man. Sorry I feel kind of rushed, so I’m just throwing out random thoughts in a very unstructured way but let’s start with day one. It was crazy overwhelming! One hour you’re holding your mom and eating J Dawgs and the next hour your teaching "real investigators". Don’t worry though, I know that the Lord will help me and in Aubrey’s words “always be my shield” and I definitely have had to rely on that... in fact that’s probably the only reason I did not cry myself to sleep the first night (you would be surprised how many missionaries do.)

My companion’s name is Elder Wachob he is such a boss (cool) missionary. He is from Bransen, Missouri, and has a family with 9 other siblings, nuts huh??? We get along great and we work really well together. He is positive almost all the time which really helps a lot. In my district there is me and my companion and then 8 others. The only person going to New Zealand is Elder Adams. He is in my room and he is doing great I have had “hold the plank” exercise competitions with him and we played bravest man with the Captain America shield. Everyone is awesome but I would have to say one of the coolest elders is Elder Sekona. He is about 235 pounds, 5'11”, and is TONGAN.  He worked at the PCC and is just about one of the nicest, funniest guys in our group. From time to time we will shoot Dragon Ball Z spirit bombs at each other and other cool stuff like that. Oh! and I got to hear him pray in Tongan which was super awesome.

Aubrey, Mom and Dad thank you so much for your letters!!! And Collin, don't be a bum... nah jk man. I read your letter several times to help keep me sane, actually all of yours. Dad thanks for the letter and what Trevor said to your young men was super cool! Speaking of which, can you tell Trevor that I said happy birthday??? It's funny now that I’m on a mission it kind of gives me a new perspective on what Trevor is doing and makes it so much more real if you get what I'm saying... Anyways make sure he knows that I love him a whole bunch and for his birthday I will always give 100% effort.

I love teaching! It is not easy. What I will do is plan what I feel the investigators need to hear and try to understand as best as I can. Me and elder Wachob will write up a general lesson plan, and then when we go in to teach (which we do a lot by the ways) it all goes out the window and you HAVE to bring the spirit in or you’re just going to be saying a whole bunch of words that go in one ear and then out the other! This first week I have definitely learned that teaching by the Spirit is important, about my purpose and the first discussion, but most importantly that God loves me A TON!!! Everything good in our lives comes from him and he always wants the best for us. I think Nephi said it best: I do not know the meaning of all things but surely I know that God loveth his children. (Something similar to that)

So I cant figure out how to attach these pictures...
Also, I forgot to mention that yes it is cold up here!  It has snowed twice.  All the missionaries make fun of me cuz i think its such a big deal... haha. I love you guys so much!!!  Elder Ward

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