Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd


It's really funny actually. I joined with Collin this week in a very funny way! I spoke too! For I think the 7th time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This time my topic was on the worth of souls. Kinda an easy topic for a missionary. I was at your talk in spirit, Collin, and I was at Ava's baptism too in spirit. I sat next to Mom at both and she scratched my back spiritually speaking that is. Thanks for all your letters everyone. It sure sounds like things have been going great in AZ… stressful, but great! That's mission life Collin. GET USED TO IT!!!! That’s why Mom is going to make an awesome missionary with Dad when that time finally comes around for them.

So I have got a FUNNY story for you guys and it’s the reason why I have made the subject of my letter, “Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd.” So I was going to use a few lines from hymn #221-Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd for my talk on the worth of souls... Anyway, on Friday (at least I think it was Friday) we biked out to a university where we had a few potential investigators. As we wrapped things up and needed to head off to our next appointment I did not particularly have the desire to back track and go around the small nature preserve in between where we were and where we needed to be. So we threw our bikes over a small fence, hopped it, and started riding towards where I thought we needed to go. As we made it up a small hill we noticed a good 50 sheep minding their own business grazing in the fields. Of course, my boyish side came out and we began to chase the sheep on our bikes! As I was chasing the sheep they all went for high ground except one broke off from the 99 and instead of laying it on my shoulders rejoicing I chased that one. As I was chasing it (going down hill) out of nowhere there was a good foot deep random pot hole in the hill and my front tire jammed right into it, and I went face first into the ground and rocket launched my Book of Mormon, badge, pens, pamphlets, and of course my bike in front of me. Two miracles happened here: 1. I didn’t get seriously hurt—just a good bump on my head, a grass stain on my shoulder, and small aches and pains everywhere else; and 2. I didn't land in any sheep POOP because it was everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!! Long story short I was able to laugh it off and work the rest of the day. Now it will always be a choice memory of my mission!

I had a great week guys! Elder Johnson and I are for sure ROCKIN THE BOAT! Honestly, as far as investigators and baptisms go I might not have another the rest of my mission, but I feel SO GOOD!!!!!!!!! On Sunday we had 146 AT CHURCH!!!!!!!!!! That is literally double the average attendance New Plymouth had 6 months ago. I think the first two Sundays I had in the branch the attendance was 66 and then 73. 

Christmas was SOOOO GOOOD!! Being able to talk to you guys was priceless! The first 20 minutes was a little bit weird because everyone was in the room with us while I was trying to have a good proper heart to heart with the family. By the way, Elder Johnson says that Ava is super cute. He liked Trevor’s Mexican impersonation, and he said that Collin is going to make a great missionary. I asked him why he thought that and he said if anyone asks that question it’s a good show of what they are going to become on their mission. Also Collin, I found answers from the scriptures for what you need to do. In D&C 4 obviously, but also in 11 too! I studied it this morning and I found 4 things! 1. HAVE DESIRE!!!!!!!!!! 2. BE WORTHY (I mentioned that one) 3. Study the Word of the Lord  4. Keep the commandments (Obedience). Start doing those things now and feel free to read D&C 11. Collin, I think it would be good.

Other good things that happened this week… T passed the sacrament, we brought another less active family to church—J and her 4 kids! We had a dinner set up with them and the G family the night before. She was super shy and scared to go, but it all turned out SUPERDY DUPER! I hope you guys have a great new year! Collin, be careful. Don’t go to any dumb new year’s parties. I remember before I left there were heaps of those and some of them were definitely not the best places to be.


Elder Ward


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