Sunday, February 3, 2013

I Love Teaching the Gospel!

Dear family,

Good letters…a lot of love and spirit felt behind each one. Let’s see…I honestly don’t have much to say in response, but mom I don’t think anyone could really answer that question Ava asked with relative ease (Who made Heavenly Father and Jesus?). I get that asked a lot. I usually just say nobody has a clue who made God, but you can know that He is there. (I think I already explained this in previous letters or you might have heard it before.) We can’t see God but we can feel that He is there and see the affects of His hands in our lives. Just like the wind…we can’t see it, BUT! we KNOW that it is there because we can feel it and we can see the affects of it in our lives. Dad you are the man at being the young men’s president. Don’t get prideful…that’s a sin, but if everyone fulfilled callings as the Savior would the Church of Jesus Christ would probably be lifted up into heaven right next to the city of Enoch.

What else…thanks Aubs for the pictures…your hair is long!!! Also, Collin good luck on those volleyball tryouts. Make sure you help console some of the kids who are publicly humiliated in front of the whole team when they get put at the very back of the line and are told that their mental capacity is at a 1….haha poor Bryce. By the way is he trying out? Give Trevor my regards and hope that he gets better!

Now let me go on to tell you some of the awesome spiritual things that happened this week. We finally set some people for baptism one named N. who was a hard out drinker and smoker. We refound her by some awesome miracle and have been teaching her. She wasn't confident at all that she could quit, but as she has read the BOM she has become so much more confident, and I absolutely love going over to teach at her house. At first she said she would get baptized at the end of March, but as she felt the spirit more and more we were able to help her see that she could be free from addiction/sin by the 23rd of February. WHOO!!!!

We finally started teaching the ward mission leader’s girlfriend. We asked her to fellowship this person Charlie that we brought to church and she actually came to our missionary gospel principle class! It was a good experience. I love teaching the gospel so much now! It is almost an adrenaline rush being able to help people feel and then recognize the spirit. I will admit that when I taught primary I learned heaps and I grew a ton, but I didn't really put my heart into it. Now every chance I receive to go teach or to answer someone’s questions I am just thrilled to do it.

Another cool experience we had this week was when we were having our ward conference. One of the speakers in the stake presidency was speaking and he just asked the audience to feel the spirit speak to you and say your name or something along those lines. When he said that I started pondering on that and I just gently felt the spirit say Elder... Then I got this warm feeling throughout my whole body. I thought it was cool that it just said Elder…no Connor or Connor Ward….not even the Ward, but just Elder that was a cool experience.

Also, one last thing this week I want to share.  We saw a few people crowding around a lady who was bleeding and looked in a lot of pain. Anyway, we pulled over and ran down to see if we could help. Nothing too special happened, but I felt sick not being able to help this lady who had been hit on her bike by a car and smashed the windshield. She had no idea where she was or how she got there and her daughter was taken to a nearby house to go get a drink so she wouldn't have to see.  The mom didn't know this though, so she was yelling for her daughter. I felt so sick and helpless not being able to do anything, I have no idea why I’m writing this, but now thinking about it as I typed this out I remember Bishop McBride’s words about how if we were to pull someone out of a burning house that would be great, but to pull someone out of the depths of sin and hellish darkness means a whole lot more. I'm grateful for what I can do for those who are suffering spiritually. I think I’m typing this more for myself, but something you can ponder on as well is to think of those who might be in a house on fire (spiritually speaking) and run in and see what you can do to help.



Elder Ward


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