Sunday, February 17, 2013

I am so Happy Right Now!

Dearest family,


So that shout out up there I just let out in the family history center where we are emailing. I kind of gave the other elders a fright, but I was almost in tears and had to fight them back. Elder Loffhagen just informed me that Tutukanara and Reynold got married and baptized!!!!!! Remember them?! Elder Loffhagen DID IT!!! Also what makes it cool is his companion is just as new as he is!!! I know last week I was saying baptisms are great and all, but I should have made that a capital GREAT!!! I am so happy right now I can’t even believe it.

Transfers happen this week!!! I reckon that Elder Denham and I are both going to be staying here. Which is all right with me. It's a tough area to work in, but I know we can make things happen here. So, some thoughts for this week, I will be honest, I am coming a little blank. Okay. I got something. Soooo, in our mission we have a funny legend. It's if it rains on your badge your wife gets prettier, and if you drop your scriptures then your wife gains weight. Anyway, this week Elder Denham "dropped" his scriptures at least five times. Three of those times kids got a hold of them and threw them smack dab into the ground. When Elder Denham and I saw that we just went dead silent and our faces dropped. Elder Denham is going to have a heavy Mrs.

What else. N and J are coming along great! N has been smoking since he was 7 years old. We bought him heaps of lollipops—I think 150 total. They have been working big time. He has only been smoking 1 a day the past few days! GOOD ON HIM!!! Also, remember the ward mission leader’s girlfriend? She is keen beans and we were finally able to have a real sit-down chat with her this past week. It turns out she referred herself to the mission office, but it went to the other missionaries and when we finally did a trade off with our zone leader he and I went over there. She knows the church is true and even had a dream of herself bearing her testimony at the pulpit.

We had a good dinner with the Browns who just sent their oldest son off on a mission to the Aussie Perth mission. They are a great family and they could tell how much good it was doing for not only for their son, but their whole family as well, I don’t think there is a more proud father than him in that ward.

So I don’t have much to say today cuz heaps of missionaries need a ride everywhere, but one last story. This week we knocked on a door and a man opened it so we could hear a big, angry Pitbull barking its head off in the other room. The guy asked his wife to put it away so he could talk to us and I even asked is your dog mean? He said, “Yup.” I asked does it bite? He said, “Yup.” Next thing I knew the dog darted around the corner and this thing was HUGE! I was kinda frozen, but for some reason the dog just put its head down and took a few steps closer almost in a wimpering puppy kinda way. The owner then reacted fast, grabbed it by the neck and chucked it inside and closed the door behind him. So, I don’t know if that was just luck, or if the dog wasn't as vicious as the owner said, but I felt like the Lord may have had His hand in that one... That was cool.

Anyway, I love you Mom, I love you Dad, I love you Trevor, I love you Collin, I love you Aubrey, and I love you Ava! Keep being good and stay out of trouble!


Elder Ward

Elder Ward and Elder Denham on the way to Ruatoria

Sword fighting with Tobais

Sheep on the road...only in New Zealand

Ancient New Zealand sacrament tray

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