Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Spirit was Overflowing

Dearest Ward Family

I would like to start my letter by addressing that you are indeed my favorite Ward family and just behind you guys is the Gilbert 3rd, the Flemming Park, and Red Hill ward families. I couldn't help but think that as I read this morning from a small pamphlet on “our journey to eternal happiness” or something like that given by Thomas S. Monson. He had 4 main points and one was honoring our heritage. Man! President Monson is a champion! I watched “On the Lords Errand” which is a movie about him and it got me thinking about him and the cool experience seeing him at the cultural celebration and dedication for the Kansas City Temple. I just want to go give him a big hug someday or at least a handshake. ;)

Laura's baptism
Soooooo…. yet another GREAT week! We baptized Laura Lemalu and had her confirmed a member yesterday. It was so sweet coming down from the stage and looking out at the crowd as they watched Laura come down beaming in her white dress. The Spirit was just overflowing the room! A lot of moms had tears in their eyes, especially Laura's mom. Yesterday was a pretty special day for everyone. Also before church, the Papakura 1st ward had just finished while Elder Tafiti and I were sitting on a couch outside waiting for our investigators to come in. While I was sitting there, I saw a young boy about 8 or 9 years old staring and smiling at me. When I looked over he got shy and ran and grabbed his mom’s legs. With a little encouragement, she ushered him over and explained he really wanted to meet us. I asked him how old he was but I forget what he said.  I asked him what his last name was. He said, “Hall”.  After he said that, I took my badge off and put it on his suit and told him that one day this will say Elder Hall covering my name. Oh boy did his face light up!!

Haha! Anyways this letter might be a little short, but I forgot to mention my email subject is "Mission stuff aye". The Kiwi accent is so contagious…it’s hilarious! I find myself starting to use a lot of the words Kiwis use.  Also Kiwi’s vowels are funny so my “yeahs” are becoming “yeeehs” and my “nos” are becoming “nyos” (they slap a “y” in there somehow… its funny!)

This week we found Jacob Papuni.  His mom was a convert 3 years ago and is still active and her son Carter even left on a mission just recently to Fiji! So Carter and Jacob’s mom is having a real hard time having her oldest son gone. She has been crying a ton and was even out of work for about 3 weeks. iIt was such a miracle to be able to find her. We met with her first and encouraged her by telling her how much good her son Carter is going to do in Fiji. It made me miss my mommy and think about her a little and how she must feel and how often she cries for her boys. I love you mom. We are baptizing her son at the end of the month on the 25th. Jesus is so good.

I don’t have my journal and I won’t say anything negative in this letter to make up for last week. So I just want to express my thanks for your prayers and the good they did. Keep it up and I promise I will keep it up too. :)


Elder Ward

Connor's handiwork
p.s. No package yet...I should get it at zone conference this week or the mission conference the week after... either one.

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