Sunday, August 5, 2012


Dear family...
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Okay maybe it was more than a "little" spilled milk but gee wiz. [This was in response to something Collin did that would take too much time to explain.] Anywho, this week was FANTASTIC let me start by telling you the two MAJOR miracles that happened this week.
Miracle #1
We have been teaching this couple named Mike and Linda. They are in their late 20's and are a super sweet couple! They pretty much already know the church is true and really want to get baptized but are not married and have a few Word of Wisdom issues. This week, Elder Tafiti and I, went over to their house unexpectedly and they let us come in. They hadn't been reading the BOM a whole lot so we decided to read the Book of Enos with them. It was good and it definitely invited the spirit and at the very end we started to talk about marriage. Elder Tafiti asked if they knew about Bishop being able to do it for free... They didn't. Then I asked if Mike had proposed yet. He said he didn't because he didn't have a ring. Elder Tafiti then took off his own ring and gave it to him. Mike then proposed in front of all of us. WOOHOO! The spirit was soooo strong. I cried and Mike and Linda cried too.
Miracle #2
Remember how I mentioned Daisy and how we met her at the chapel last week and we talked about the Atonement with her? Well she and her two boys Chevir and Zackary finally started to get taught at the chapel EVERY NIGHT this past week. We taught them everything, had them interviewed, and then baptized them on Saturday. It turns out they had a real bad situation at home so they would walk down to the church to come meet with us instead. The boys are awesome and they learned everything FAST! Then this Saturday was just crazy trying to call everyone for the SUPER late-notice baptism, find whites for everyone, and have the font filled and ready. The baptism was set up for 10:00 and Daisy was about 20 minutes late and the only people we could manage to grab was one member, Tobias, and one person from the Bishopric. haha Oh, and the best part was the APs showed up. It was a really small program but it was still so great!!! After we baptized everyone we only had two towels and one was mine. So we waited as Chevir got changed and we stood freezing with our feet still in the font... It was a little irreverent but Zackary even jumped back in and started swimming around. They were then confirmed yesterday at church.
Missionary work is the Greatest... I'm still struggling big time with Elder Tafiti. All I try to do is love him and try not to get on his case too much. Please pray for me I need your help big time. haha In fact, this week he tackled me into the couch and I somehow cut my toe big time on this metal tin thingy. But that's enough about that! Just know that I'm still SOOO Happy and the Lord is still blessing us greatly! I love yous all back at home.
CHEERs and G'day,
Elder Ward

Daisy, Chevir, and Zackary's baptism.
My injury
P.S. Did you get the pictures from last week?

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  1. Well gosh Connor.. you make me sound like i'm a bad guy. As i recall.. we where both playing around just enjoying each others companies .. getting excited about the miracles that were happening...
    oh well forgive and forget. well if you felt that my expression of being excited made you feel that i was mad... i'm truly am sorry and i didn't mean to come off that way. please forgive me..
    much love your comp Elder tafiti.. now know as brother tafiti..gosh that makes me sound 50 years older..