Monday, March 5, 2012


DARN IT! How did those pictures not send?!!!!!! Sorry guys. I will try again next week... Man, after reading your letters I am so mad! I had absolutely nothing to do with my time before I left on my mission and now all these awesome cool things are going on?! Joey, Blake, Robby, Travis, Justin?! Man, I miss those guys! All I had while I was at home was Starcraft 2 and Collin’s friends... Give Joey my love. Tell Justin I owe him a serious apology because I did exactly what he did and made fun of him for it. Blake & Travis, well, make sure they don't go back to their old ways. :) BEFORE I FORGET, MOM DON’T SEND THAT PACKAGE!!! I need copies of those CD's that we put on my iPod, or just the missionary “must-have” one, or whatever it is. I know there was something else but I can’t remember... Dad, I loved your lawn mowing story! I can totally put myself in your shoes (the same exact shoes that have giant, grass-poop clumps stuck to them right now). MIIIKKKKKKEEEEEE!!! CAN AVA PLAY?!

 So let’s get down to business.

 Monday, we taught Sarah and Dale. They just had a baby and they were super interested but now they are really busy and Satan’s winning the battle... It was a little awkward cuz Dale pounded 3 beers and dropped an F bomb while we were there (we had the Relief Society President come as a team-up too) but I think Sara is starting to realize that the Gospel will really help in her family...

 Tuesday, we had a team-up arranged with a 16 year old named Austin. He is a super cool kid and reminded me a lot of Collin just with big muscles. It started out as a bummer night cuz 2 of our appointments fell through so we decided to stop and pray. We were sitting outside of someone’s house parked in the car and I gave the prayer. I don’t remember exactly what I said but right after I said amen, whadya know??? A car pulls up into the driveway! Long story short, it was a huge black guy named Randy. We talked with him and shared the Restoration with him and then he said we could come meet with his family later in the week. (He also showed us his street bikes. Holy cow! He races and gets up to 216 mph on his bikes! They are sick bikes!) Anyways though, whether that family accepts the Gospel or not I know we left an impression on Austin.

 Wednesday, we taught a guy named John who has a 170-pound English MASStiff or in other words ONE HUGE GOG [DOG]. The lesson went well.

 Thursday, we had a good weekly planning session and did some Less-Active work from a list the Bishop gave us. The Coolest part was meeting a 19 year old named Brian. Man, he has life set! He has a job as a nurse, earns 40 bucks an hour, his hospital pays for his school, he is engaged and is starting up a restaurant... I have no doubt that he is happy but that night I went to bed smiling knowing that I am in the right place, and that I’m totally going to become a nurse when I get back ;) ...Nurse Connor.

 Friday and Saturday we taught 11 lessons combined and we are on FIRE! It’s frustrating that we haven't baptized for so long, but we are doing a lot of good, and we are super close with a guy named Eric! I probably already told you about him a lot but we got him to church and to commit to the W of W!

Sunday was just super good and we’ll leave it at that. I’m runnin out of time.

The main lesson I learned though this week is Daniel 2:44-45. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is that stone cut out of the mountain! Joseph Smith promised that this gospel would reach everywhere in the world and IT WILL NOT FAIL... My testimony of that increases as I see God’s hand in this work and as I see my friends go out and think of them sitting in some random person’s home teaching the same exact thing I'm teaching but in Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Croatian and Japanese. Temples are being built. The one in Kansas City is about to have their open house in a month which is making the mission work go CRAZY!

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