Monday, March 19, 2012

The Greatest Superhero of all Time

Whoops! I think I offended dad last week... cuz I didn't get an email from him. Before I forget, no mom, the chest pains are gone. Don’t worry about the exercise either, it absolutely does not take me off focus in fact it just helps Elder Bills and I, plus the zone leaders stay SUPER FOCUSED all day. In fact, yesterday I actually woke up at 6:30 for church instead of our usual 5:30 and I absolutely crashed on the way to church at the YSA ward that’s like a 15 minute drive away. So, we are trying to pull some strings to change the white handbook for all missions around the world to have a 5:30 to 7:00am crazy nutso workout. It has really has improved my studies because I have more energy in the morning and I'm learning SOOO much everyday! And, hey, I can finally straighten my arms out! It did not make for good volleyball last week though. Oh, and as far as the extra weight goes I think a lot of it is probably water (I drink a ton) I went pee 15 times one day last week. My pants fit fine and I weighed myself on 3 different scales the most recent was an electronic one that said 154… Oh, there we go, I just saw dad’s letter.

Monday: We had a super awesome black guy from the YSA ward buy Elder Bills and I Costa Vida. He was such a good missionary because he was bold in a super loving way.

Tuesday: Elder Evans from the First Quorum of the Seventy came for zone conference and it was AMAZING! I learned so much! Elder Evans is also speaking at general conference next month too! OHHH man though…it turns out President Keyes is pretty much the highest qualified and most inspired mission president ever! He used to be a member of the 70 and man I don’t even know, but he is really an awesome man. We pretty much just got rebuked for not working with members as well as we should and we talked a lot about desire and discussed Alma Chapter 17 to 42. We have had amazing results since hearing from Elder Evans and President Keyes and it is amazing how inspired these men really are. Oh, and we taught Bernard again and our plan is to take him and his family through the Kansas City Temple open house so the spirit can slap him in the face.

Wednesday: We started working with members and less active people and whadya know?! We found 4 really solid new investigators: Jeff, Mark, Debbie, and Connie! Anyways though, today we got invited into someone’s house while we had a member from our ward with us. He invited us in which usually means they really want to hear what we have to say or they want to contend with us. This guy was sadly the 2nd type. So let’s call this guy who let us in Zeezrom, okay? Well he began to tell us all these reasons why the BOM could never be true, and the member of our ward would argue with him. Eventually the phone rang, and I leaned over to him and said, "hey, don’t say anything anymore. I just wanna share my testimony and we’ll get outta here." So after he finished, I bore testimony on the BOM and how I knew without a doubt that it was true. But anyways, Zeezrom was not confounded and I did not convert him like Amulek, but it did feel good to hear the spirit whisper “you’re right”.

Thursday: We helped 2 different people move and it was just awesome! I love service!  I did feel guilty though because one of the houses we helped out with were really nice members from Oregon who had a daughter that died recently.  So we were there helping them out, and they gave us a total of 50 dollars for lunch. We tried to give it back, but they would not allow it. So we went to Ava’s favorite place in the whole wide world, CHICK-FIL-A!!!

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: I’ll be honest…we trimmed a lot of fat from our teaching pool. That sounds really bad that way. Don’t worry…it kills me to erase anyone’s name off our board and I love all of them because they are God's children.  But anyways though, Elder Bills and I have been working these past three days with the members to build there trust and, well you know, do missionary work the right way. Our "numbers" might go down a little, but we are still going to work our hardest. That is also something else we learned from Alma 29 and personal experience. I cannot get angry with myself if  I’m working my hardest because I should be content with what the Lord allows me. The better I have learned to do that and go back to my chilled relaxed attitude, the easier it is to really enjoy the work I’m doing and well, you know, just being happy.

This week though, I learned mainly about Jesus Christ. I started reading the New Testament and WOW it turns out that He is kind of a big deal. I read in gospel principles and studied the atonement and what He taught, and I’m literally just dumbfounded.  In my patriarchal blessing it says that I... awhh bummer I don’t have it with me. It says that I will have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and that I will have a full understanding of the Atonement (something like that), but that’s a huge promise! It is definitely humbling to be his representative. I know I already said this, but He truly was the greatest Superhero of all time. I really like the picture of me in that photo album you sent, standing kind of as His sidekick or something which is pretty accurate. Like Robin (was to Batman), I’m really not that big of a deal. He really did die for us. He understands everything, absolutely everything. He has been there, done that and been lower than all of us. I love him so much.


Elder Ward

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