Sunday, March 24, 2013

Enjoy Every Second of Life

WELL HELLO Whanua!!!

Let me start with a small response to some of your emails first. Dad, it’s funny we actually talked about commandments/covenant keeping as we visited the Hamilton temple this week. Our mission president asked us to ponder the saying, “Let the fire of the covenant burn within our hearts...” Here is a small portion of my letter to him.

I had a good week, especially going to the temple! I had a cool thought on the covenant burning within our hearts when you were asking about what fire does. For some reason I thought of a branding iron... I couldn't think of the analogy in time, but cows get branded so their OWNER can recognize them if they are ever lost, or run away and I’m sure for other important reasons. I think we can liken that to our own covenants and letting them burn within our heart. It may not be easy for cows to feel the pain of the initial branding and it may not always be easy for us to be fully consecrated, or exactly obedient. However, I do know one thing for sure—we all have strayed away from our OWNER’S presence and I sure do hope that when He comes back and sees me He will be able to recognize those covenants I have tried to brand on my heart so that he can claim me back into His fold. That analogy made me really think about the five foolish virgins when they were told something along the lines of, "I know you not."

Mom, you reminded me of an awesome quote when you mentioned your religion class! I think it goes something like, "I truly feel that Heavenly Father hides the joys of death so that we can better appreciate life as we go through it." Oh and I miss you heaps, to my wonderful sweet mommy. Ten more months. Don’t get trunky on me. :P

Collin, I would definitely kill to have the magical setting powers you have. The thing is, if someone tells you something enough it's hard to not let those doubts creep into your mind. That's why we pray and read the scriptures because Satan is always telling us a bunch of filth, and if we don’t have a positive influence (THE SPIRIT) then we will fall big time. When you’re a setter you’re always going to have critics. Talk to your teammates about it. Pray before you do and just tell them how you feel. It's hard to do, but if you can’t learn to solve those kinds of things without contention then your mission will be miserable. I actually had to do something quite similar this week. Have confidence. Let them know and I promise you won’t regret it! Love ya bro.

Aubrey and Ava, I don’t want you to be left out so I love you heaps, keep being good girls and listen to your parents!!! They know what is best for you. Aubrey, Mom told on you again and she said you were giving them a hard time a few times this past week. Make sure you go give them a hug for me because even though I didn't always appreciate them telling me what I can and can't do, now that I am on my mission I sure do miss them and their wise counsel and realize how lost our whole family would be without our awesome daddy and of course our almost exalted celestial mommy. J

Let's see, we will keep thoughts short this week. I love you guys so much and don’t want to take time away from you, but I have a thousand and one different converts that I need to write!

Let me tell you of a really cool experience I had this week! On Saturday, zone leaders go to every baptism and I was actually asked to speak at two of them. I learned a very good lesson attending and speaking at both. At the first I was asked to speak on faith and repentance which gets spoken on at every single baptism... I quickly thought of a few scriptures and tossed a couple thoughts in my head, and gave a very sad talk. My companion said it was good, but it felt like I was poopin words out of my mouth. Then at the next baptism, I decided to speak on becoming clean. Even though I was assigned to speak on Baptism and Confirmation, which also gets discussed at every single baptism! I put a lot of thought into this one and prayed to have the spirit as I spoke and even made a little nifty poem for Emerald who was getting baptized. I cooked it up in like 20 minutes before the service. I forgot what I put exactly cuz I ended up giving it to her. It went something along the lines of:

As a missionary I like to imagine what it's like for those about to stand in the baptismal font.
Especially when weeks previous they never imagined this would be something they'd want.

From their point of view they might have wondered who are these guys with the shirts and ties?
They stopped me on the street, talking about Christ and asking God if their book is truth or a bunch of lies.

I forget the middle but the end said,

As I stand in the font I hold back the tears knowing Satan will never beat me ever again,
and it all starts after the water crashes all around me after I quietly say amen.

Kinda cheesy but it worked out really well. The missionaries in that ward had a girl come up to them asking if she could be baptized as well after that whole service so that was really cool. I learned that almost every experience I have to share a talk, or my testimony, or give service I should do it with meaning, that I truly need to enjoy every second of life as a missionary, instead of going through the motions. I think that might be something everyone is a little guilty of from time to time. J

G, R, and now their niece, S, are getting baptized this weekend on the 30th!!! I absolutely love their family to pieces and enjoy trying to teach them the gospel regardless of the language barrier. We went over one day just to spend some time with the family and read a little from the Book of Mormon with them, and somehow we ended up singing a bunch of Kiribati songs and stuff like that. It was fun.

That's a good portion of my week and I look forward to emailing you next week!

Loves and Ti a boo! [goodbye in Kiribati]

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